Boys Over Flowers Season 2… kinda

What can I say? I’m missing BOF so much that this little measly video with only 10sec of new scenes gets me soooo excited. I just wish that it could be not only a music drama but A WHOLE NEW EPISODE. BOF fans need something like that… but I guess that’s exactly what the stars don’t need… more work.

But still, GET EXCITED!!!!! IT’LL BE AWESOME. even if it just means 10 more seconds of seeing Minho’s beautiful face.

Kimbum + Kim Soeun – Anycall CF

AHHHH. Simply amazing and cute!!!!! Love this couple!

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BOYS OVER FLOWERS Episode 22 – extended preview [eng subs]

Minho oppa’s hair is almost not pama-ed at all … hehe

I wonder what Junpyo was worried about in the beginning… did something happen to Jandi at the wedding??

click more for the video~
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BOYS OVER FLOWERS Jandi/Junpyo pictures =)))


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Boys Over Flowers – episode 15

just a hot picture of lee minho. he’s just… orgasmic lol.

Episode 15!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
I was expecting a lot more Junpyo/Jandi interaction… and got almost none. I’m not liking the fiance just b/c I’m such a Junpyo/Jandi fan. It just annoys me to see someone get in the middle of such a perfect couple. BUT from the preview, it looks like Junpyo/Jandi will be back together soon, hopefully next episode. I hope tomorrow’s episode will adhere to the pattern of Tuesday eps being better than Monday ones.

Also, there was some much needed Yijung/Gaeul scenes in this episode, that made up for the lack of Junpyo/Jandi ones. Though I’m not really liking Yijung’s hair… Oh speaking of new hair, um… Jihoo’s hair? He looks like a wannabe Jaejoong… a failing wannabe Jaejoong. As much as I hated his hair before, I think it’s even worse now… Also… he needs to work on his acting, especially the scenes where he stares at Jandi… intensely… almost over-intensely it makes me uncomfortable. But the scene with him on his guitar was so sweet!!!! And his solo of Because I’m Stupid was amazing.

They need to cut down on the only Jandi scenes. Gu Hyesun not a strong enough actress, neither is Jandi a compelling enough character to keep me interested in the scenes with only her (ie the scene with her at the doctor’s… why this sudden “I want to be a doctor” thing…). Also, what’s up with this storyline of Jihoo’s grandfather?

I forgot to mention before, YIJUNG/GAEUL next week. MAJOR interaction. Like I got so excited when watching the preview.

There was one scene that stood out in today’s episode: the scene where Junpyo sees Jandi and Jihoo in the airport and the subsequent scene. It was SOOOO GOOD. Really nice acting on Lee Minho’s part and it almost made me tear up. And I’m really liking the Mr. Jung guy. He’s really nice and the Korean version really emphasizes his niceness much more than the other versions. It’s nice to see someone other than F4 and Jandi’s friends and family really support this relationship.

Ok… that’s it. Check for QUICK QUICK QUICK subs. HarueKorea’s Youtube channel for raws. BOF HWAITING!!!