Anyways, it was a surprise that this Monday episode was so good. I thought it was so cute and I LOVED ALL THE JUN-DI MOMENTS!!!!! Plus the Jihoo/grandpa story is finally starting to grow on me… Only problem is (and it’s not really a problem) the whole Yijung and first love thing. WHY CAN’T HE JUST REALIZE THAT YES HIS FIRST LOVE IS AMAZING BUT GAEUL IS HIS ULTIMATE SOULMATE!! SOEUL JJANG!!!!!

So recap. Jandi/Junpyo/Jaekyung story
Jandi’s all alone in Seoul and she’s wandering around the streets.
And she (stupidly in my opinion) goes into a creepy place with these sleazy drunk guys…
But she gets kicked out … by a creepy guy and is again wandering the streets. And I guess she’s been walking around for a whole day so she faints.
And b/c there cannot be one episode of BOF in which Jandi is not saved from some predicament, Junhee (Junpyo’s sister, who was just thinking about how she lost her true love b/c of crazy mommy kang) calls her and a random woman on the street (who ran over when Jandi fainted) answers the call and tells Junhee where they are. And so, once again Jandi is SAVED!!!
And she’s brought to the Shinhwa mansion where Junhee tells Jandi that she should’ve told her if something was wrong. Junhee also tells Jandi to stay at the mansion (I wish I was this lucky… being kicked out of my house… meeting some creepy ass guys… fainting on the street… all leading to getting to live in a hugeeee magnificent mansion…)
But Jandi doesn’t want to live there for free so she demands to be a maid to pay for her food and board (I would just take the free food and board, Jandi…). So… here is Maid Jandi
What is up with this hideous maid outfit… The outfit isn’t the worst part, it’s the thing Jandi is wearing on her head…
And yay, it’s the grandma person (she’s actually nice… and supports Jun-di)
So the grandma person (I have no idea what her name is) starts training Jandi in … maid-basics (idk lol). How to clean, names of wines, names of foods, etc. And Jandi brings Junpyo’s dinner to him and she messes up the name of the dish, prompting Junpyo to ask why the grandma got someone who couldn’t even memorize the menu. Grandma tells Junpyo that Jandi (of course Junpyo doesn’t know it’s Jandi yet) is having a hard time and she asks Jandi to introduce herself. She tries to avoid showing her face to Junpyo but the grandma seems intent on making the two meet (LOL). And Junpyo, when he sees her is like WTF OMG JANDI.
Jandi’s first task is to… COOK RAMYUN FOR JUNPYO. hehe
He calls her on a walkie-talkie
Jandi initially is like “WTF WHY SHOULD I COOK RAMYUN FOR YOU”. But then the grannie comes in and is like “is that how you talk to your master??” and so Jandi is forced to comply. And Junpyo’s face is just ♥♥♥♥♥
And Junpyo insists that Jandi stay with him while he eats the ramyun. And guess what happens AGAIN?? She falls asleep… seriously I want some of that talent of falling asleep in any situation.
But this allows for some cute Jun-di moments, notable when Junpyo places a blanket over her. Omg even the simplest actions elicit a squeal from me just b/c it’s Lee Minho =)
The next morning when Jandi goes to wake Junpyo up, she finds a crowd of maids outside his door, worrying about whether they’ll get fired after Junpyo threatened to fire all of them for waking him up. Of course, with her Jandi spirit, she goes in and not only gets him out of bed but also gets him to apologize to the maids.
Jaekyung comes to visit Jandi at the restaurant after she can’t find Jandi’s house anymore. Jandi lies about her new home, saying that she’s living with Gaeul.
Seriously, I don’t think Jaekyung buys her story…
After a day at the clinic, Jandi, when she finally gets back to the Shinhwa mansion, is called by Junpyo YET AGAIN, this time to watch a horror film with him. And by the way, he’s been wondering where she was the entire day… cutee~~
Junpyo’s freaked out by the movie and out of fright, hugs Jandi.
This makes Jandi uncomfortable and she leaves but almost immediately runs back in, claiming that Jaekyung is coming. Since he doesn’t know she lied to Jaekyung about living at Junpyo’s house, Junpyo has no idea why Jandi’s so freaked out. She tries to hide in Junpyo’s closet…
… and Junpyo’s just like wth is wrong with you…??
Jaekyung wants to watch a movie with him too, but he obviously doesn’t want to watch it with her so he pretends (? i’m actually not sure) to be asleep.
And guess what Jandi does once again in the closet? fall asleep.
The next day when Jandi goes to wake Junpyo up… let the screencaps speak for themselves.

Since I added more than enough screencaps for that storyline, I’ll just summarize the other storylines.
Jihoo/grandpa/Jandi: Basically Jandi, after finding out about grandpa’s disease, tells him to live at Jihoo’s house, where I guess Jihoo can take care of him if there’s an emergency. It’s just her plan to get those two to reconcile… She also gets him to accompany her to the clinic where he helps her with the patients and even play the harmonica for them. Finally this storyline is starting to grow on me… I feel that now that the Jihoo/Junpyo/Jandi triangle is not important (it’s still there…), it’s nice for Jihoo to have his own story. Afterall Yijung has his (and Woobin’s just not important enough to have his own… jk). And I like the grandpa…
Yijung/Gaeul/Eunjae: Eh I don’t really like the first love… her face bothers me but I guess she has to be here as the catalyst for the Yijung/Gaeul couple that I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO. But for now… this storyline just doesn’t get me so excited. I hope Yijung can start reciprocating Gaeul’s feelings towards him.

So yeah… I enjoyed this episode AND SO EXCITED FOR TOMMORROW’S!!!!!!!!!!!!

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She subs super duper duper duper quickly. And her files are uploaded onto Youtube and Veoh and you can download the file FULL (so no split files)… JUST AMAZING. Stop by her blog!!!


but still some awkward scenes. And why does Jaekyung still want to drag Junpyo to see Jandi… I mean she knows about Jundi… so why??…

But I’m starting to like Jaekyung/Junpyo… I’m feeling a little guilty about this b/c I know I should be supporting the main couple.

Haha, the video game scene. I just love how Junpyo’s such a sore loser. He’s like “the keys won’t press” LOL.

And then she drags him around for a whole day as her prize =)
The supermarket scene was so cute!!

And why is Lee Minho’s so cute and dorky??

And I like how he buys like a gazillion packs of ramyun. My ramyun ran out today and I was just like damn I want one of those lol.

And then… this is what I don’t get. Jaekyung knows about Jundi and yet she drags him to Jandi’s house… like why? But a cute scene followed where they fought over ramyun. Haha, they bought like soo many packs, why couldn’t they just cook two packs, one for each person?
They wait for Jandi but she never shows up b/c she’s taking care of Jihoo after his and his grandfather’s little brawl… I still don’t get the point of this side story…
Thank god it was raining when Jihoo was supposed to cry b/c I’m sure Hyunjoong would not be able to cry one tear…

And of course, Junpyo’s up all night worrying about her. And when she comes back, he yells at her and demands to know where she was and what she was doing.

AND MOMMY KANG IS BACK. AH THE DRAMA. and she knows about Jandi, her move, and Junpyo’s going to see her… How the hell does she manage all this…

When Junpyo can’t get his stove to work, he has to eat his ramyun dry… which I never knew you could.

Sadly, Mommy Kang sent men to take him back =(((
But no worries, Jandi won’t be left alone b/c Jihoo stops by to see her after getting her new address from Gaeul.

And he brings F3. As much as I love the three of them… something feels wrong without Junpyo.
But oh dear god, what a surprise that Mommy Kang would also show up at Jandi’s house.

I love whoever plays Mommy Kang btw. She’s so good at looking evilllll mwahaha.

She asks Jandi to leave Junpyo alone. And she says all this without raising her voice and screaming… which is impressive.

The next day, F3 and Gaeul stop by to redecorate Jandi’s house… which seriously needs redecorating. It looks a lot better after they finish.
And then… the highlight of this episode. Gaeul proposes that they play THE TRUTH GAME.
Jaekyung and Junpyo also stop by. I kinda understand why Jaekyung wanted to come to Jandi’s house this time… Junpyo was grounded and didn’t want to leave and she knew that this would get his attention…

It’s Yijung’s turn first. He asks Jihoo if he could ever love someone other than Seohyun. Jihoo doesn’t answer and so has to give Yijung a kiss. SO CUTE

And then Jihoo turns to ask Junpyo.
“If the person you loved is having a hard time because of you, would you give her up?”

And without hesitation, HE SAYS NO. ♥
And now it’s his turn and he immediately turns to Jandi and asks:
“That promise you made on the bridge, is it still in place?”
He’s referring the the promise she made that she wouldn’t run away from him because of his mom.

I was expecting Jandi to say yes. But she says no, and that the person who made the promise and the person who the promise was made to don’t exist anymore. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, JANDI? By asking that question, didn’t Junpyo already prove that he still loves you?

Now it’s Jandi’s turn and she decides to lighten up the mood by asking Woobin:
“Let’s say F4 were girls. Who would you want to marry?”
Woobin’s answer was so funny.
He describes each member of F4.
Junpyo – egotistic
Jihoo – 4th dimension
Yijung – casanova
He’s like I’d rather go to a monastery.

The next morning, Jandi and Gangsan wake up to an earthquake like thing. I was like omg are they going to stick an earthquake IN KOREA just so they could move the plot forward: leaving Jandi with no home…
But no, it’s Mommy Kang who probably ordered the area to be demolished.
And so to save money, Gangsan goes to live with his parents and Jandi stays in Seoul to continue her studies.

But before he leaves, he tells her that “Junpyo hyung still likes you”.


hehe. This is such a funny screepcap.

Really fun episode overall. Filled with nice and awkward moments.
One awkward moment was the Yijung/Woobin scene. I mean, are the producers that desperate to get in some Woobin scenes?? Well… they could’ve done a better job at blending it in. It was just so awkward and I was just like… um so what exactly was the point of that except to let Kim Joon have more screen time??
Some caps for that scene:
(sorry for the bad screencapping… I’m not very proficient at screencaps)

That was just such an awkward scene. I was expecting them to kiss or something. And Kimbum’s acting is a little over the top… I think it’s b/c he’s still acting like he did in East of Eden. NOT THAT MUCH EMOTION IS NEEDED HERE.

There were some nice Jaekyung/Junpyo scenes. Jaekyung is starting to grow on me. I know I hated her in the beginning but she bugs me a lot less than the fiancees in the other versions. But I’m really missing Jun-di
Anyways, Jae/Jun screencaps:

And there was a bit more Jundi in this episode which made me soooooo happy.

Junpyo sleeping with the doll Jandi gave him is sooo cute!!

AND of course, he moves in next to her. I just love this man.


AND ALSO. GAEUL FINALLY ASKED YIJUNG OUT. and he rejected. I wanted to kill him.

But then he got angry so I guess he felt bad about rejecting her. I forgive him now =)

Boys Over Flowers – episode 16

** all screencaps are from dramabeans. I just didn’t want to download the episode.

Lol. Glad to see Kimbum have a major part in this episode~~

And so glad that Junpyo is back again, in most of the scenes. I suffered from a Minho-withdrawal the past few episodes. And his acting is just amazing, especially during the Junpyo/Jandi stalking of Yijung/Gaeul. I liked the jacket scene, it was soo sweet!!!!!

Hyunjoong still needs to work on his acting but his bad acting didn’t stand out as much in this episode b/c he was in fewer scenes (thank god!!). Yijung/Gaeul is just love. But I thought he couldn’t film standing scenes anymore? But not complaining. They’re scenes were amazing. And then there was the return of the Junpyo/Jandi couple. This episode just reminded me how much I miss that epic couple, and all their bickering and cute moments. One thing really bothered me: Jandi was being super-unsubtle during the whole stalking thing.

Like during the skating thing (on a side note, Yijung on the ice without skates bothered me… but I guess his foot is injured so they couldn’t put him on skates. it just felt weird), Jandi was literally like 10ft away from Yijung/Gaeul and she still needed binoculars and did not try to conceal herself at all. Neither did Junpyo. It was as if they just wanted Yijung/Gaeul to know their presence (obviously they did).

Also, did Yijung HAVE to take Gaeul to a Shinhwa hotel? I mean, if he went to any other 5-star hotel, Junpyo/Jandi wouldn’t have been discovered by evil mommy.
(haha at this screencap: when Yijung is looking at Jandi through the lens in the hotel room door LOL)

Speaking of evil mommy, that scene was just so good. It really showed how much Junpyo has been holding back his love for Jandi and finally when his mom attempted violence, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and jumped in to protect Jandi.

His struggle between whether or not to text Jihoo was also demonstrative of how much his mother’s disapproval of his relationship with Jandi agonizes him. And his constant turning to Jihoo really highlights how much he cares for Jandi, that he always wants to make sure she’s ok even if that means turning to his friend, or rival in love.

The whole Jihoo/grandpa storyline is just ridiculous. I don’t see why they needed to include it. And the scene with Jihoo standing in the way of Jandi mopping was just way too longgg. I was just, ok I get it, you don’t want her to mop anymore so just take the damn mop. But no, we were treated to some intense Jihoo staring again (it was a little better than episode 15 staring)… If it was Minho maybe I wouldn’t mind but…

Oh and I forgot to mention, yet another shot of Minho shirtless. AND WITH STRAIGHT HAIR! The producers are just dying to sneak a shirtless pama-less Minho in as many episodes as they can. But again not complaining, he is sooo damn hot!!!

And about the fiancee, she really annoyed me in this episode. She just arrived at Jandi’s doorstep uninvited and requested to sleepover. And they don’t even know each other well… (very different from Junpyo, haha I think I may just be biased, but it just seems less intrusive when Junpyo comes). But at least she had some really funny interactions with Woobin and Kimbum. Those scenes were hilarious!!!

I’m nervous for next week’s episodes… Junpyo’s evil mommy will definitely be seeking revenge on Jandi and her family (and maybe friends?). Also, I feel like the Jihoo/Jandi couple has really been building up these couple of episodes and I’m really not looking forward to that. In addition, the fiancee… she’s probably going to be in both of next week’s episodes, wreaking havoc on the perfect Junpyo/Jandi couple. Ughhh, why can’t they just be together. One thing I am looking forward to is more Yijung/Gaeul, though I am afraid his first love will come into play (I heard Group Eight is currently looking for an actress to play her… better be good). Anyways, very anxious…




amazing episode.
here I start to feel that the korean version will mirror the taiwanese version more than the japanese. but the opening scene was so romantic that I was squealing like an obsessed fangirl haha.

this scene too. minho crawling on the bed was just way too hot.

and of course the cutest and sweetest kiss ever. oh how i love this couple.

haha and this scene where minho sits on an extremely high chair with jandi’s family on the floor. and they’re just watching him eat. it’s hilarious!!!

and because junpyo loves jandi so much, he’s willing to announce to the entire school that jandi’s his girlfriend. and warns everyone not to hurt her anymore. and of course ginger falls to the ground in disbelief. psh serves her right.

… and then…

ji hoo comes back. talk about bad timing. just why must he come back and ruin everything. ugh in all the other versions, i’ve always preferred ji hoo to jun pyo but minho is just perfect. and hyun joong… just needs to shave and improve his acting.

and another memorable scene was the shopping (for the vacation junpyo is taking jandi on… to an island (?? new caledonia ??) scene with jandi and junpyo. junpyo wants to shop alone with jandi so the genius he is, sets off the alarm and all the other customers leave. and then its just him and jandi. and they bicker and argue. so cute.

ah pretty island.

yi jung gets ga eul to come along, providing more of the yijung/gaeul scenes that i love. yet another cute couple.

a lot of scenes just showing jandi amazed. well i’d be too. a lot of pretty shots of the island. i just can’t help making a billion screencaps for it =)

there’s this scene where they go see a fortuneteller, i think. and the fortuneteller tells jandi that she sees a soulmate and a husband for her… wonder which one’s which: ji hoo soulmate and junpyo husband or vice versa?? …

cute scene between ga eul and yi jung =))
shes soo pretty.

and finally the part where junpyo begins to take his shirt off. so hot. and we’re left in the middle of his strip tease hehe.

CAN’T WAIT till tommorrow’s ep.

i did this recap without watching it with subs. and my korean’s very minimal so mind the extremely broad recap.


So I just watched it and it was really good. Some parts were eh… a bit awkward to watch but some really good scenes with much improved acting. Recap and screencaps later.


YAY IT’S OUT. (download links credit to Chiara)

DOWNLOAD TRACKS SEPARATELY: (just click the song you want to download)


01.Paradise (Flower Boys OST Main theme) – T-Max
02.My thoughts are bad – SS501
03.Do you know – Someday
04.Stand By Me – SHINee
05.Lucky – Ashily
06.Starlight tears – Kim Yu Kyung
07.A little – Seo Ji Young
08.One More Time – Tree Bicycles
09.I Know (Saxophone Instrument) – Lee Jung Sik
10.Dance with me (Instrumental)
11.Blue Flower (Instrumental)
12.12.So sad (Instrumental)
13.Opening Title (Paradise Intro) – T-Max

The first track (the opening theme) isn’t that good in my opinion. Maybe I need to listen to it more. Double S’s song (the ending song) is ok. The third track is also ok.
But the song that I really like is Stand By Me by Shinee. It played a lot in episode 2 (when Jandi was in JunPyo’s house; and when she was thinking about Jihoo in her room; I guess it’s going to be Jandi’s theme song). I’ve been listening to it over and over; it’s really really good.
Overall, it’s a mediocre soundtrack. I can’t help feeling that such a hyped drama deserves a much better soundtrack with much more… “hyped” artists (not that I don’t like the artists on this soundtrack).
But still, it’s an acceptable soundtrack.