BOYS OVER FLOWERS – OST download links

So now that BOF is over *tear tear* I’m going to start organizing download links for BOF related stuff. First comes the OST’s. All the individual and full download links for all three OST’s.



I just… don’t feel like recapping so I’ll just make some general comments:

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내 머리가 나빠서 Because I’m Stupid – Kim Hyunjoong version (download links)


I know this is old for most people but I kept on waiting for better cuts of this song… but his version hasn’t been played recently so oh well.

Anyways, this is the best cut I can find. duration – 2:27 so it’s pretty good. Still, PLEASE RELEASE THE ACTUAL VERSION SOON!!!

Download links:

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I don’t have a time for a full recap, just comments.

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Most touching scene of this episode, if not all of BOF.

This episode was AMAZING!!!!!! I still felt annoyed when I was watching it just because Jandi and Junpyo didn’t have much scenes together. But it was one of the best BOF episodes. I wouldn’t categorize it “sad”, more poignant/touching. This episode nicely sets up what’s to come: Jaekyung sacrificing her marriage with Junpyo for him/her friendship with Jandi. But this episode also proved that Jaekyung will never ever fully sacrifice her love for Junpyo; she’ll still harbor her affections toward Junpyo as well as a bit of jealousy and animosity towards Jandi. But she will definitely give up her place with Junpyo for Jandi.

So recap: Jandi/Junpyo/Jaekyung story

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BOYS OVER FLOWERS OST II FULL (individual + full download links)


Tracklist (click song titles for Mediafire download links):

01 Say Yes – T-Max
02 With Ur My Love (With J) – T-Max
03 아쉬운 마음인걸 – A’st1
04 애인만들기 – SS501
05 어떡하죠 – 지선 (Jisun)
06 Love Is Fire – Kara
07 Love U – HowL
08 사랑같은 거 – Brand New Day
09 눈물이 난다 – 이상곤 (Lee Sang Gon)
10 Cellogic (Cello By 김영민)
11 다가가다 (Violin By 동요)
12 낯선 해
13 사랑을 위하여

Full download (Mediafire)

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I’ll post download links for individual songs later =) For the instrumentals (tracks 10-13), please download the full album (sorry ^^) I’ll just post the download links~~



but still some awkward scenes. And why does Jaekyung still want to drag Junpyo to see Jandi… I mean she knows about Jundi… so why??…

But I’m starting to like Jaekyung/Junpyo… I’m feeling a little guilty about this b/c I know I should be supporting the main couple.

Haha, the video game scene. I just love how Junpyo’s such a sore loser. He’s like “the keys won’t press” LOL.

And then she drags him around for a whole day as her prize =)
The supermarket scene was so cute!!

And why is Lee Minho’s so cute and dorky??

And I like how he buys like a gazillion packs of ramyun. My ramyun ran out today and I was just like damn I want one of those lol.

And then… this is what I don’t get. Jaekyung knows about Jundi and yet she drags him to Jandi’s house… like why? But a cute scene followed where they fought over ramyun. Haha, they bought like soo many packs, why couldn’t they just cook two packs, one for each person?
They wait for Jandi but she never shows up b/c she’s taking care of Jihoo after his and his grandfather’s little brawl… I still don’t get the point of this side story…
Thank god it was raining when Jihoo was supposed to cry b/c I’m sure Hyunjoong would not be able to cry one tear…

And of course, Junpyo’s up all night worrying about her. And when she comes back, he yells at her and demands to know where she was and what she was doing.

AND MOMMY KANG IS BACK. AH THE DRAMA. and she knows about Jandi, her move, and Junpyo’s going to see her… How the hell does she manage all this…

When Junpyo can’t get his stove to work, he has to eat his ramyun dry… which I never knew you could.

Sadly, Mommy Kang sent men to take him back =(((
But no worries, Jandi won’t be left alone b/c Jihoo stops by to see her after getting her new address from Gaeul.

And he brings F3. As much as I love the three of them… something feels wrong without Junpyo.
But oh dear god, what a surprise that Mommy Kang would also show up at Jandi’s house.

I love whoever plays Mommy Kang btw. She’s so good at looking evilllll mwahaha.

She asks Jandi to leave Junpyo alone. And she says all this without raising her voice and screaming… which is impressive.

The next day, F3 and Gaeul stop by to redecorate Jandi’s house… which seriously needs redecorating. It looks a lot better after they finish.
And then… the highlight of this episode. Gaeul proposes that they play THE TRUTH GAME.
Jaekyung and Junpyo also stop by. I kinda understand why Jaekyung wanted to come to Jandi’s house this time… Junpyo was grounded and didn’t want to leave and she knew that this would get his attention…

It’s Yijung’s turn first. He asks Jihoo if he could ever love someone other than Seohyun. Jihoo doesn’t answer and so has to give Yijung a kiss. SO CUTE

And then Jihoo turns to ask Junpyo.
“If the person you loved is having a hard time because of you, would you give her up?”

And without hesitation, HE SAYS NO. ♥
And now it’s his turn and he immediately turns to Jandi and asks:
“That promise you made on the bridge, is it still in place?”
He’s referring the the promise she made that she wouldn’t run away from him because of his mom.

I was expecting Jandi to say yes. But she says no, and that the person who made the promise and the person who the promise was made to don’t exist anymore. WHAT DO YOU MEAN, JANDI? By asking that question, didn’t Junpyo already prove that he still loves you?

Now it’s Jandi’s turn and she decides to lighten up the mood by asking Woobin:
“Let’s say F4 were girls. Who would you want to marry?”
Woobin’s answer was so funny.
He describes each member of F4.
Junpyo – egotistic
Jihoo – 4th dimension
Yijung – casanova
He’s like I’d rather go to a monastery.

The next morning, Jandi and Gangsan wake up to an earthquake like thing. I was like omg are they going to stick an earthquake IN KOREA just so they could move the plot forward: leaving Jandi with no home…
But no, it’s Mommy Kang who probably ordered the area to be demolished.
And so to save money, Gangsan goes to live with his parents and Jandi stays in Seoul to continue her studies.

But before he leaves, he tells her that “Junpyo hyung still likes you”.


hehe. This is such a funny screepcap.

Really fun episode overall. Filled with nice and awkward moments.
One awkward moment was the Yijung/Woobin scene. I mean, are the producers that desperate to get in some Woobin scenes?? Well… they could’ve done a better job at blending it in. It was just so awkward and I was just like… um so what exactly was the point of that except to let Kim Joon have more screen time??
Some caps for that scene:
(sorry for the bad screencapping… I’m not very proficient at screencaps)

That was just such an awkward scene. I was expecting them to kiss or something. And Kimbum’s acting is a little over the top… I think it’s b/c he’s still acting like he did in East of Eden. NOT THAT MUCH EMOTION IS NEEDED HERE.

There were some nice Jaekyung/Junpyo scenes. Jaekyung is starting to grow on me. I know I hated her in the beginning but she bugs me a lot less than the fiancees in the other versions. But I’m really missing Jun-di
Anyways, Jae/Jun screencaps:

And there was a bit more Jundi in this episode which made me soooooo happy.

Junpyo sleeping with the doll Jandi gave him is sooo cute!!

AND of course, he moves in next to her. I just love this man.


AND ALSO. GAEUL FINALLY ASKED YIJUNG OUT. and he rejected. I wanted to kill him.

But then he got angry so I guess he felt bad about rejecting her. I forgive him now =)



Why am I so late on this…?? Lol. Only the first three tracks are out. I actually prefer this second part better than the first part of the OST. The sounds sound more cheerful, more fitting for this drama. But I do miss the B/c I’m Stupid as the ending song… but Track 2 + 3 really make me happy. Anyways, can’t wait for the full OST release… maybe they’ll be sadder songs. The other one also released the happy ones first haha.

Tracklist (click to download; mediafire links):

01. Wish Ur My Love(with. J) – T-Max
02. 아쉬운 마음인걸 – A’ST1
03. 애인 만들기 – SS501(더블에스501)

Also, people please support for her REALLY FAST Boys Over Flowers subs. She has youtube links AND download links. Plus she now has a premium account at MediaFire so no more cutting episodes, you download the FULL EPISODE. It really annoys me to see people take advantage of such hard work and good will (she’s doing this FOR ALL OF YOU OUT THERE WHO NEED SUBS… not for herself). PLEASE SUPPORT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SS501’s U R Man
January 18, 2009, 7:32 PM
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The U R Man perf with ALL MEMBERS (omg Hyun Joong looks hot… but the camera man should’ve given more screen time to Jung Min. After all, there were so many of Hyun Joong, why not Jung Min??????)

So I heard this song on Boys Over Flowers ep4 and loved it. It’s so catchy and I’ve heard of double S before but never really bothered to watch their MV’s or anything. But now omg love them so much.
Jung Min’s my fave, even though I feel like I should like Hyun Joong as a Boys over flowers fan… but I think his acting just makes me feel awkward even looking at him… Anyways…

Here’s the other double S song I really like:
Snow Prince (wow they look really young… I couldn’t even recognize Hyun Joong)