SUPER JUNIOR 090327 Sorry Sorry + No. 1


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SUPER JUNIOR 090322 SBS Inkigayo – Sorry Sorry

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I like their suits ^^
And they always seem to have the best performances on Inkigayo.

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SUPER JUNIOR 090321 MBC Music Core – Sorry Sorry

YAY WHITE SUITS. I actually like the white suits better than black.

I’ve been reading the comments on that video and maybe it’s just me but Super Junior doesn’t seem THAT tired to me… There was only this one point where Kangin seemed tired but overall I thought they were as equally energetic as the other performances… I did think sometimes the vocals were a bit off today but still, great performance!!!

I’m sure Super Junior is tired, but they just didn’t show it in this performance~~
Make sure to get some rest, oppadeull ㄲ ㄲ ㄲ


Also, Super Junior is eligible for Mutizen tomorrow on Inkigayo!!!!!!!!!
They’re up against Davichi, Kara, Hwayobi, FTTS, Shin Hyesung & FT Island. Though I’m also a fan of Davichi, I think Super Junior definitely deserves to win it!!! But if they don’t, it’s ok. They have plenty of time to win!!~~

SUPER JUNIOR 090320 KBS Music Bank – Sorry Sorry


What’s with Music Bank and flashing lights… I can’t see their faces =((


LMAO. LMAO. LMAO. HEECHUL. KIBUM. LMAO. I just can’t stop laughing. Ahh I love Heechul’s imitation of Kibum. BUT I ALSO WANT KIBUM BACK!!!

Mubank Ranking & Encore:

Wow… Davichi had two songs going for No.1… And they won No.1 over Gee. I’m actually glad that they did. Now, Gee has 9 WINS FOR 9 MEMBERS. SNSD JJANG!!! And Davichi’s song 8282 definitely deserved to win. It’s soooo catchy.
2:00 – Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry at #8. It’s great for only the second week after comeback but Gee was #1 on Mubank and Inkigayo on the second week… and I thought Sorry Sorry was #1 second week as well… Oh well. I hope they win next week. OR THIS WEEK ON INKIGAYO.


And also… I’m so sad that there are no more Gee performances =(((
I always look forward to them every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. But now Super Junior can replace that void =)

SNSD 090315 SBS Inkigayo Himnae

Awwwww Yoona’s missing. But still a great performance. I liked it better than last week’s Himnae performance… Taeyeon seemed more into this one and the girls overall were more organized.
I hope that they’ll perform some more songs off their minialbum. Or perform Dear Mom again. Not that I’m getting bored of Himnae and Gee.

March 15, 2009, 7:16 PM
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Mutizen & Encore:

I’m sooo proud of them!!!!! The song is just so catchy. Was Haeri crying??
Haha, in their speech, they just said thank you over and over. Maybe they were really nervous.

DAVICHI JJANG!!!!! I love this song so much.

SUPER JUNIOR 090315 SBS Inkigayo Comeback

Best comeback performance!! But where’s Kibum…?? I miss him.
Their new hairstyles are starting to grow on me/I’m getting used to them.
I’m still mad at Hankyung and Shiwon’s haircuts though. Speaking of which, Heechul’s RECENT haircut makes him look like Hankyung… LOL.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to their future performances. And I’m expecting some #1’s and Mutizens soon!!!