Davichi in Wonderland (8282)


Track List
01 8282
02 사고쳤어요
03 My Man
04 사랑이 우습니
05 오르골
06 Crazy Woman (East of Eden OST)


their title song 8282

MV preview

I’m not a huge fan of Davichi but I loved their song Love & War. And now that Lee Minho is supporting them (or Kang Min Kyung… but still), I’m starting to really like them. The first time I listened to this song, the transitions from fast tempo to slow really threw me off. But after listening to it on repeat, it’s getting really addictive and now I’m in love with this song. I still think Love & War was better, but hey, Minho approved of this song so it must be good LOL.

Anyways, support Davichi~~~
(or support Minho who supports Davichi… hehe)