New girl group: T-ara ♥ (download links)


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090425 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

I wasn’t a huge fan of this performance… The lights were annoying and something was up with the mics. Plus, they gave Shiwon so little screen time in the beginning. And I just couldn’t focus on the performance after I found at the Eunhyuk dropped his bracelet at 2:35… I hope he gets it back =)

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090418 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

OMG AMAZING PERF. 1) look at tiffany and yuri in the background haha. I liked when Tiffany started doing the Shiwon dance part towards the end lol. 2) no more annoying lights. 3) they harmonized the chorus or parts of it. 4) the cameraman gave Shiwon a considerable (not as much as I would’ve…) amount of screen time =))). Oh and nice outfits. AND THEY HAD THE HONOR OF PERFORMING LAST!!!!!

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090411 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

Ok, I love the suits (especially Eunhyuk’s… finally no more of those knee length weird pants). And they just all look so hot. But what’s with the lights??? Music Core used to be good with the lights. And also the cameraman……. he/she always filmed from the side, never giving any screentime to the actual people singing. And also, I don’t like Heechul’s hair this way… But still the boys looked amazingly hot and that’s good enough for me~! AND they performed last, so that kinda makes up for not getting No.1 on Mubank yesterday. Can’t wait for Inkigayo perf tommorrow and hopefully A 3RD MUTIZEN!!!!!

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090404 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

Hehe. Hyukjae ah, happy birthday~~~ So cute when Fany said it~ I wish all of SNSD can be music shows MC’s so I can get my SNSD fix every week… lol. 

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SUPER JUNIOR 090328 MBC Music Core – Sorry Sorry

Oh gosh the lights… that’s all I have to say LOL

SNSD 090328 MBC Music Core – Goodbye Stage

Let’s Talk About Love again. I’m actually liking this song… the dance not so much. I really want them to perform Destiny… Maybe for tomorrow’s Goodbye Stage, they’ll perform all 5 songs… ok not likely but I wish.

Omg I never realized they’ve been wearing converse for their goodbye stages… Haha ♥♥

Ugh… who’s the cameraman?? or maybe it’s the video editing person… but the video effects between different shots and angles annoy me sooo much


SUPER JUNIOR 090320 + 090321 HD Download Links

090320 Music Bank Sorry Sorry (1280 x 720) – credit: dongdonghee CB

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SUPER JUNIOR 090321 MBC Music Core – Sorry Sorry

YAY WHITE SUITS. I actually like the white suits better than black.

I’ve been reading the comments on that video and maybe it’s just me but Super Junior doesn’t seem THAT tired to me… There was only this one point where Kangin seemed tired but overall I thought they were as equally energetic as the other performances… I did think sometimes the vocals were a bit off today but still, great performance!!!

I’m sure Super Junior is tired, but they just didn’t show it in this performance~~
Make sure to get some rest, oppadeull ㄲ ㄲ ㄲ


Also, Super Junior is eligible for Mutizen tomorrow on Inkigayo!!!!!!!!!
They’re up against Davichi, Kara, Hwayobi, FTTS, Shin Hyesung & FT Island. Though I’m also a fan of Davichi, I think Super Junior definitely deserves to win it!!! But if they don’t, it’s ok. They have plenty of time to win!!~~

SNSD 090314 Music Core Gee

I can’t believe they’re still promoting this song. NOT THAT I’M COMPLAINING. I don’t know why I’m still in love with this song. This is probably going to the LONGEST I’m ever going to love a song this much.

I’m hoping for a Super Generation special stage… but very unlikely. BUT PLEASE FATHER SM, PLEASE HAVE A SUPER GENERATION… SOMETHING. ANYTHING ~~

And those who were interested, here’s the Tiffany + Nassun performance of Come To Play. They performed this on Music Bank yesterday too, but I didn’t like it. So I’m just posting it today. I still don’t like it… but people might be interested.