hehe. This is such a funny screepcap.

Really fun episode overall. Filled with nice and awkward moments.
One awkward moment was the Yijung/Woobin scene. I mean, are the producers that desperate to get in some Woobin scenes?? Well… they could’ve done a better job at blending it in. It was just so awkward and I was just like… um so what exactly was the point of that except to let Kim Joon have more screen time??
Some caps for that scene:
(sorry for the bad screencapping… I’m not very proficient at screencaps)

That was just such an awkward scene. I was expecting them to kiss or something. And Kimbum’s acting is a little over the top… I think it’s b/c he’s still acting like he did in East of Eden. NOT THAT MUCH EMOTION IS NEEDED HERE.

There were some nice Jaekyung/Junpyo scenes. Jaekyung is starting to grow on me. I know I hated her in the beginning but she bugs me a lot less than the fiancees in the other versions. But I’m really missing Jun-di
Anyways, Jae/Jun screencaps:

And there was a bit more Jundi in this episode which made me soooooo happy.

Junpyo sleeping with the doll Jandi gave him is sooo cute!!

AND of course, he moves in next to her. I just love this man.


AND ALSO. GAEUL FINALLY ASKED YIJUNG OUT. and he rejected. I wanted to kill him.

But then he got angry so I guess he felt bad about rejecting her. I forgive him now =)

Boys Over Flowers – episode 16

** all screencaps are from dramabeans. I just didn’t want to download the episode.

Lol. Glad to see Kimbum have a major part in this episode~~

And so glad that Junpyo is back again, in most of the scenes. I suffered from a Minho-withdrawal the past few episodes. And his acting is just amazing, especially during the Junpyo/Jandi stalking of Yijung/Gaeul. I liked the jacket scene, it was soo sweet!!!!!

Hyunjoong still needs to work on his acting but his bad acting didn’t stand out as much in this episode b/c he was in fewer scenes (thank god!!). Yijung/Gaeul is just love. But I thought he couldn’t film standing scenes anymore? But not complaining. They’re scenes were amazing. And then there was the return of the Junpyo/Jandi couple. This episode just reminded me how much I miss that epic couple, and all their bickering and cute moments. One thing really bothered me: Jandi was being super-unsubtle during the whole stalking thing.

Like during the skating thing (on a side note, Yijung on the ice without skates bothered me… but I guess his foot is injured so they couldn’t put him on skates. it just felt weird), Jandi was literally like 10ft away from Yijung/Gaeul and she still needed binoculars and did not try to conceal herself at all. Neither did Junpyo. It was as if they just wanted Yijung/Gaeul to know their presence (obviously they did).

Also, did Yijung HAVE to take Gaeul to a Shinhwa hotel? I mean, if he went to any other 5-star hotel, Junpyo/Jandi wouldn’t have been discovered by evil mommy.
(haha at this screencap: when Yijung is looking at Jandi through the lens in the hotel room door LOL)

Speaking of evil mommy, that scene was just so good. It really showed how much Junpyo has been holding back his love for Jandi and finally when his mom attempted violence, he couldn’t hold it in anymore and jumped in to protect Jandi.

His struggle between whether or not to text Jihoo was also demonstrative of how much his mother’s disapproval of his relationship with Jandi agonizes him. And his constant turning to Jihoo really highlights how much he cares for Jandi, that he always wants to make sure she’s ok even if that means turning to his friend, or rival in love.

The whole Jihoo/grandpa storyline is just ridiculous. I don’t see why they needed to include it. And the scene with Jihoo standing in the way of Jandi mopping was just way too longgg. I was just, ok I get it, you don’t want her to mop anymore so just take the damn mop. But no, we were treated to some intense Jihoo staring again (it was a little better than episode 15 staring)… If it was Minho maybe I wouldn’t mind but…

Oh and I forgot to mention, yet another shot of Minho shirtless. AND WITH STRAIGHT HAIR! The producers are just dying to sneak a shirtless pama-less Minho in as many episodes as they can. But again not complaining, he is sooo damn hot!!!

And about the fiancee, she really annoyed me in this episode. She just arrived at Jandi’s doorstep uninvited and requested to sleepover. And they don’t even know each other well… (very different from Junpyo, haha I think I may just be biased, but it just seems less intrusive when Junpyo comes). But at least she had some really funny interactions with Woobin and Kimbum. Those scenes were hilarious!!!

I’m nervous for next week’s episodes… Junpyo’s evil mommy will definitely be seeking revenge on Jandi and her family (and maybe friends?). Also, I feel like the Jihoo/Jandi couple has really been building up these couple of episodes and I’m really not looking forward to that. In addition, the fiancee… she’s probably going to be in both of next week’s episodes, wreaking havoc on the perfect Junpyo/Jandi couple. Ughhh, why can’t they just be together. One thing I am looking forward to is more Yijung/Gaeul, though I am afraid his first love will come into play (I heard Group Eight is currently looking for an actress to play her… better be good). Anyways, very anxious…


Boys Over Flowers – episode 15

just a hot picture of lee minho. he’s just… orgasmic lol.

Episode 15!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY
I was expecting a lot more Junpyo/Jandi interaction… and got almost none. I’m not liking the fiance just b/c I’m such a Junpyo/Jandi fan. It just annoys me to see someone get in the middle of such a perfect couple. BUT from the preview, it looks like Junpyo/Jandi will be back together soon, hopefully next episode. I hope tomorrow’s episode will adhere to the pattern of Tuesday eps being better than Monday ones.

Also, there was some much needed Yijung/Gaeul scenes in this episode, that made up for the lack of Junpyo/Jandi ones. Though I’m not really liking Yijung’s hair… Oh speaking of new hair, um… Jihoo’s hair? He looks like a wannabe Jaejoong… a failing wannabe Jaejoong. As much as I hated his hair before, I think it’s even worse now… Also… he needs to work on his acting, especially the scenes where he stares at Jandi… intensely… almost over-intensely it makes me uncomfortable. But the scene with him on his guitar was so sweet!!!! And his solo of Because I’m Stupid was amazing.

They need to cut down on the only Jandi scenes. Gu Hyesun not a strong enough actress, neither is Jandi a compelling enough character to keep me interested in the scenes with only her (ie the scene with her at the doctor’s… why this sudden “I want to be a doctor” thing…). Also, what’s up with this storyline of Jihoo’s grandfather?

I forgot to mention before, YIJUNG/GAEUL next week. MAJOR interaction. Like I got so excited when watching the preview.

There was one scene that stood out in today’s episode: the scene where Junpyo sees Jandi and Jihoo in the airport and the subsequent scene. It was SOOOO GOOD. Really nice acting on Lee Minho’s part and it almost made me tear up. And I’m really liking the Mr. Jung guy. He’s really nice and the Korean version really emphasizes his niceness much more than the other versions. It’s nice to see someone other than F4 and Jandi’s friends and family really support this relationship.

Ok… that’s it. Check for QUICK QUICK QUICK subs. HarueKorea’s Youtube channel for raws. BOF HWAITING!!!

BOYS OVER FLOWERS – 1st episode

Boys Over Flowers

First episode of a bound-to-be hit drama!!!
I watched it with Chinese subs (my understanding of Chinese is not very good) but I got the gist of what was going on. Personally, after watching Taiwanese and Japanese versions of this drama, I think the Korean version will be the best. The acting may not be on par with other Korean dramas but it is after all a more “teenage-y” drama and very strong acting is not always required for a hit drama.

That said, the Korean version has an amazing cast. All members of Flower 4 (the group of four amazingly attractive rich boys who torment anyone who gets in their way at the school they practically own) are very attractive (I didn’t find ALL members of F4 attractive in Taiwanese or Japanese versions). Makino (lead girl) played by Goo Hye Sun was a good choice, despite the age gap.
The acting is passable, but I think there is too much overacting. That might contribute to the comic aspect of this drama but it’s too much at times.
The first episode seemed to really parallel the Japanese version a bit too much for me. But viewers who have not yet watched the Japanese version will very enjoy the first episode.
I also liked that the Korean version explained how exactly Makino is able to attend Shinhwa (Eitoku in Japanese version) School since it’s a school only for the ultra-rich.

What was really bad in my opinion was the SOUNDTRACK. Seriously, the soundtrack sucked… especially the opening song.

On a side note, can I mention how much Minho (Domyouji/Jun pyo) reminds me of Super Junior Choi Siwon?

credit javabeans

And also he pulls off the curly hair really well. This was something I was dreading, that maybe I wouldn’t be able to look Minho in the face because of the hair.

credit javabeans

But it actually looks pretty good on him…

All in all, it was an enjoyable first episode and enjoyed relatively high ratings (14.3%). Looking forward to the next episode!!!