Most touching scene of this episode, if not all of BOF.

This episode was AMAZING!!!!!! I still felt annoyed when I was watching it just because Jandi and Junpyo didn’t have much scenes together. But it was one of the best BOF episodes. I wouldn’t categorize it “sad”, more poignant/touching. This episode nicely sets up what’s to come: Jaekyung sacrificing her marriage with Junpyo for him/her friendship with Jandi. But this episode also proved that Jaekyung will never ever fully sacrifice her love for Junpyo; she’ll still harbor her affections toward Junpyo as well as a bit of jealousy and animosity towards Jandi. But she will definitely give up her place with Junpyo for Jandi.

So recap: Jandi/Junpyo/Jaekyung story

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