amazing episode.
here I start to feel that the korean version will mirror the taiwanese version more than the japanese. but the opening scene was so romantic that I was squealing like an obsessed fangirl haha.

this scene too. minho crawling on the bed was just way too hot.

and of course the cutest and sweetest kiss ever. oh how i love this couple.

haha and this scene where minho sits on an extremely high chair with jandi’s family on the floor. and they’re just watching him eat. it’s hilarious!!!

and because junpyo loves jandi so much, he’s willing to announce to the entire school that jandi’s his girlfriend. and warns everyone not to hurt her anymore. and of course ginger falls to the ground in disbelief. psh serves her right.

… and then…

ji hoo comes back. talk about bad timing. just why must he come back and ruin everything. ugh in all the other versions, i’ve always preferred ji hoo to jun pyo but minho is just perfect. and hyun joong… just needs to shave and improve his acting.

and another memorable scene was the shopping (for the vacation junpyo is taking jandi on… to an island (?? new caledonia ??) scene with jandi and junpyo. junpyo wants to shop alone with jandi so the genius he is, sets off the alarm and all the other customers leave. and then its just him and jandi. and they bicker and argue. so cute.

ah pretty island.

yi jung gets ga eul to come along, providing more of the yijung/gaeul scenes that i love. yet another cute couple.

a lot of scenes just showing jandi amazed. well i’d be too. a lot of pretty shots of the island. i just can’t help making a billion screencaps for it =)

there’s this scene where they go see a fortuneteller, i think. and the fortuneteller tells jandi that she sees a soulmate and a husband for her… wonder which one’s which: ji hoo soulmate and junpyo husband or vice versa?? …

cute scene between ga eul and yi jung =))
shes soo pretty.

and finally the part where junpyo begins to take his shirt off. so hot. and we’re left in the middle of his strip tease hehe.

CAN’T WAIT till tommorrow’s ep.

i did this recap without watching it with subs. and my korean’s very minimal so mind the extremely broad recap.