East of Eden – episode 52

Truly touching and amazing episode.

More wedding scene screencaps:

I just love that scene. Though it was imaginary, it was beautifully shot and Gook’s expression when he saw his daughter with someone who truly and unconditionally loved her and whom she truly and unconditionally loved was just so poignant, made even more so by his impending death. The effect of his cancer on his disposition, rendering him much more sensitive to what actually mattered in this world (love, loyalty, friendship, etc) as opposed to superficial things such as money, power, etc. displayed the possibility of redemption for even the most evil person. Of course, we haven’t yet scene a realization of his sins from the epitome of evil, Shin Tae Hwan, and we probably never will, but Gook was pretty twisted at times and his ultimate understanding and recognition of true love even if it was at the end of his life was extremely touching. The scene included very little speech and instead relied on pure emotion to convey its point, driving home the idea that material things such as words really carry no significance. In fact the only words Gook said to Young Ran and Dong Chul in his last moments were I love you, Sorry, and Thank you, simple but deep phrases, unlike his usual flowery but useless words. His last Thank You to Dong Chul (and it can also be taken as addressed to both YR and DC) beautifully conveyed his true appreciation of what YR and DC, especially DC, have sacrificed for him, and the true love they have towards him. It was just an incredibly beautiful scene.

This scene where YR and DC see Gook in his casket in an empty church (except for Priest Han, whose purpose I still don’t understand…) was also amazing. Instead of a large crowd of scheming flatterers paying respect to Gook, it was only YR and DC. The emptiness of the church was extremely striking and demonstrated that despite his myriad of supporters (though fake) and supposed friends, he lay in his casket with no one by his side except for two people. However, Gook’s ability to finally realize the folly of his previous actions (ostracizing both DC and YR and obsessing over money and power) allowed him to have the company of the two people that really mattered to him in this world. The wedding scene furthered this point; the almost ethereal feel to the wedding scene made it seem like it was taking place in heaven, indicating that Gook, DC, and YR are reunited in heaven, a place where true love and friendship can flourish, and a place where Gook has gone to.

These were the two scenes that really stood out. Aside from these two, there were the scenes between DC and DW. It seems like DW has really changed, and in an opposite way than Gook’s change.

DW (and STH of course, who hasn’t changed, he merely remained as evil as ever if not more) has become a person fixated on power (and money). He cannot compromise with DC and arrest Gook at a different time due to Gook’s terminal illness. Unable to understand the importance of family and love, he brutally and heartlessly arrests Gook almost unconscious and even refuses to let him be taken to a hospital, even in his dying moments. Power and dream of revenge on DC has consumed him, which is especially noticeable in the scene where DW pulls open the blanket on Gook who has already died. This is both disrespectful and extremely heartless (like EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXTREMELY heartless) and yet, after DC punched him for this act (DW totally deserved it), DW starts prattling on about his rank as a Korean prosecutor. For god sakes, a man, who DC respected and loved, just died. Even if it was just any man, one just doesn’t act this way. He also seems to parade his title as a prosecutor around, as if he is now untouchable. These types of people are exactly the type of people a true prosecutor would be after (types like STH and Gook before and now DW himself). DW also does not seem to realize that there are exceptions to the law, as in this case. DC did nothing wrong in hitting DW (and I didn’t even know there was a law saying you’re not supposed to hit prosecutors in Korea…) and instead, it was DW that did something wrong in disrespecting a grieving family’s rights. DW has really made a 180 turn in his character.

Shin Tae Hwan also. He specifically orders Mr. Hwang to kidnap (or kill?…) YR and DC during their weakest moments, at Gook’s service. I was surprised he was this evil. I have never seen (in real life or in a drama) someone so heartless that they would use a human being’s death to bring about yet another human being’s death, all for revenge and wealth. STH’s fake go-and-pay-my-last-respects to Gook angered me so much.

I initially thought killing off Gook was the writer’s way of finally letting YR-DC be together, but I was pleasantly surprised. His death added yet another theme to this drama that was beginning to bore me. Surprisingly, if this was the last episode, I would be wholly satisfied (even though many questions were not answered). This episode poignantly tied together the drama very well, at least the DC-YR-Gook aspect (and DW’s aspect to a certain degree).



amazing episode.
here I start to feel that the korean version will mirror the taiwanese version more than the japanese. but the opening scene was so romantic that I was squealing like an obsessed fangirl haha.

this scene too. minho crawling on the bed was just way too hot.

and of course the cutest and sweetest kiss ever. oh how i love this couple.

haha and this scene where minho sits on an extremely high chair with jandi’s family on the floor. and they’re just watching him eat. it’s hilarious!!!

and because junpyo loves jandi so much, he’s willing to announce to the entire school that jandi’s his girlfriend. and warns everyone not to hurt her anymore. and of course ginger falls to the ground in disbelief. psh serves her right.

… and then…

ji hoo comes back. talk about bad timing. just why must he come back and ruin everything. ugh in all the other versions, i’ve always preferred ji hoo to jun pyo but minho is just perfect. and hyun joong… just needs to shave and improve his acting.

and another memorable scene was the shopping (for the vacation junpyo is taking jandi on… to an island (?? new caledonia ??) scene with jandi and junpyo. junpyo wants to shop alone with jandi so the genius he is, sets off the alarm and all the other customers leave. and then its just him and jandi. and they bicker and argue. so cute.

ah pretty island.

yi jung gets ga eul to come along, providing more of the yijung/gaeul scenes that i love. yet another cute couple.

a lot of scenes just showing jandi amazed. well i’d be too. a lot of pretty shots of the island. i just can’t help making a billion screencaps for it =)

there’s this scene where they go see a fortuneteller, i think. and the fortuneteller tells jandi that she sees a soulmate and a husband for her… wonder which one’s which: ji hoo soulmate and junpyo husband or vice versa?? …

cute scene between ga eul and yi jung =))
shes soo pretty.

and finally the part where junpyo begins to take his shirt off. so hot. and we’re left in the middle of his strip tease hehe.

CAN’T WAIT till tommorrow’s ep.

i did this recap without watching it with subs. and my korean’s very minimal so mind the extremely broad recap.