090423 M.Net M.Countdown

After School – Diva:

The girls did amazing but gosh… what’s up with the lights and the cameraman??? This is why I’m not the biggest fan of M.Ca performances. That and the fact that there’s no HD and that SM artists can’t perform on it for whatever reason. But still the girls are too pretty and ths song is too good to be destroyed by the lights and camera angles.

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2PM Comeback on M.Ca – Again and Again [+ download links]
April 23, 2009, 9:54 PM
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download links below

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090418 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

OMG AMAZING PERF. 1) look at tiffany and yuri in the background haha. I liked when Tiffany started doing the Shiwon dance part towards the end lol. 2) no more annoying lights. 3) they harmonized the chorus or parts of it. 4) the cameraman gave Shiwon a considerable (not as much as I would’ve…) amount of screen time =))). Oh and nice outfits. AND THEY HAD THE HONOR OF PERFORMING LAST!!!!!

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090410 KBS Music Bank

Son Dambi won No. 1:

When I first read that Son Dambi won No. 1, I was really disappinted Super Junior lost yet again. And this time, they weren’t even second but third. It was Lollipop vs. Saturday Night. But after watching Dambi’s reaction to her No. 1, I felt that she really deserved it. (is this possibly her first No. 1 since debut?) I’ve heard of her family’s story and it’s really saddening, and this girl definitely deserves all the success and support she’s recieved. Son Dambi hwaiting!! On a side note, I find it awkward when they give like 10 flower bouquets to a solo singer, and that artist is forced to hold all of them… haha. 

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cr: 도레미쏭
reuploaded by:

0:56 – Donghae taps Sica and she hits him back =)) YAY MY FAVORITE SUPER GENERATION COUPLE
1:13 – Eeteuk and Heechul doing the Gee dance… it’s like a dance battle between them. BEYOND CUTEEEEE
1:19 – Hankyung pulls Heechul away =))
1:31 – Sunny inviting them all back to the stage
1:34 – Sunny and Sungmin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:40 – Shiwon and Tiffany hug; followed by Shiwon and Jessica hug
1:46 – Tiffany gives Shiwon the mic (and he goes whoo hehe)
2:18 – Heechul doing the dance
2:23 – Yoona part dance done by Heechul and Donghae
2:31 – in the back, Hankyung and Sunny hug =)))
2:41 – Kangin does the first part of the chorus dance
2:51 – Kangin does the Sorry Sorry dance hehe


SUPER JUNIOR 090315 SBS Inkigayo Comeback

Best comeback performance!! But where’s Kibum…?? I miss him.
Their new hairstyles are starting to grow on me/I’m getting used to them.
I’m still mad at Hankyung and Shiwon’s haircuts though. Speaking of which, Heechul’s RECENT haircut makes him look like Hankyung… LOL.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to their future performances. And I’m expecting some #1’s and Mutizens soon!!!


SUPER JUNIOR 090314 Music Core Comeback

Sorry for this being so late… I had my SAT’s today… it just sapped all the energy out of me. And this performance made me happy again!
I liked it better than the Music Bank performance just b/c THE LIGHTS WEREN’T FREAKING ALL OVER THE PLACE. Just wondering, why are some wearing the mics on their head, and others have the “holding-mics”… (sorry i have no idea what the terms are for these… LOL)
Why I Like You is seriously starting to grow on me… haha


The MV was better than the performance for me. I really liked the black and white… But again this new concept is just not working for me. But I will still support them and spazzzzz about their hotness.


I wasn’t so thrilled about the Sorry Sorry performance but I just love seeing my boys back!!!!!!!!!!
The vocals got a lot better but still not amazing, but THEY’RE WORKING ON IT.
The dance is ok… it’s a little weird but still good.
Overall I just don’t know how I feel about this new concept. That’s what’s bothering me the most. And did anyone else get so annoyed at the lighting???? It kept on flashing and I couldn’t see people’s faces.
And… where was Kibum? or did I just not watch carefully enough…
So this was what happened (credits sapphire pearls)
“The mystery of Kibum missing in the comeback has been solved. Someone stated that Kibum is still trying to learn the dancesteps because he was in US when the dance teacher came to Korea to teach them the choreography. As for Heechul, he’s having foot problem that’s why he can’t dance and only come out near the end of Sorry Sorry.”
The ending of this song is also a bit weird b/c it’s not like bang, the end. It kinda dims down.
The Why I Like You performance definitely showed off their vocals better but I’m not a huge fan of the song. The Why I Like You outfits were also better in my opinion.



kpopgerard1 is currently uploading the songs onto youtube:

Download links:



Credit Z-degrees

Enjoy! For their comeback performance on KBS Music Bank, they’re performing Sorry, Sorry and Why I like You. GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When is the MV for Sorry, Sorry coming out by the way… I thought it was today…