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Since I obsess over hot guys all the time, my ratings will be on a scale of hotness.

Drooling Hot




Ewww Ugly

Ok here comes my drama/movie ratings. They’re ordered from best to worst within Taiwanese, Japanese, and Korean drama/movie categories. I haven’t watched an enormous amount but I have watched at least some of each Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese ones.

Just an overview, Korean dramas are never bad, but they always seem to drag a bit. It might be that I don’t understand the language but they always seem to have some silences or boring dialogues. That said, Korean dramas are overall the best, due to its superb execution, acting, and plot. Taiwanese dramas tend to range the most from amazing to horrible. Maybe the reason why I find amazing Taiwanese dramas is because I understand the language. However, there are just some horrible Taiwanese dramas, just horrible, like unbearably horrible. Overall Taiwanese dramas tend to be overacted, unrealistic, but cute and funny. Japanese dramas are the shortest and don’t drag at all. Sometimes I find it moves too quickly. There are a lot of overacting in Japanese dramas too, as well as very odd plots. Japanese dramas tend to be a quick watch; I always very quickly get very obsessed with a Japanese drama, but also very quickly forget about them.

Korean Dramas/Movies

Currently watching:

Boys Over Flowers
Gu Hyesun, Lee Minho, Kim Hyunjoong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon
Drooling Hot – See all my recaps for in detail comments. JUST THE BEST DRAMA I’VE WATCHED. Hot cast, acceptable storyline (lol sometimes dragged but it was ok for me), amazing ost (though it may be abused sometimes). I just really enjoyed this drama and think everyone will. You may not find this to be the BEST DRAMA you’ve ever seen but it will definitely entertain you. 10/10

My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
Kim Sun Ah, Hyun Bin, Daniel Henney, Jung Ryu Won
Drooling Hot – At first I was reluctant to watch this drama because there was a not so pretty girl and I sometimes can’t stand watching a drama without a gorgeous lead girl. But after I started I just couldn’t stop. I got completely used to Kim Sun Ah and now think that she’s so cute when she’s chubby. In addition, the other lead girl is so pretty and though she gets in the way of the main couple, you can’t hate her because she’s really nice and understanding. And most importantly, two amazingly hot guys: Hyun Bin and Daniel Henney. If you like the more Asian look, you have Hyun Bin and if you prefer the more Caucasian, there’s Daniel Henney. Both of them are gorgeous. The acting is also great; Hyun Bin can really act as the cocky but warmhearted restaurant owner well. Great plot too. And also great soundtrack. She is and Be my love, both by Clazziquai are really good. Plus there’s some really good ballads on the soundtrack. I’m not going to rate this a 10/10 because I think that I’m probably biased a bit because of my love for Hyun Bin. 9.9/10

Goong/Princess Hours

Yoon Eun Hye, Joon Ji Hoon, Kim Jung Hoon
Drooling Hot – I loved this drama but I can tell why some say it’s not good. The adult politics gets a bit boring and my first time watching it, I skipped through them and only watched the teen parts. But still, it is an amazing drama with really funny, heartwarming, and poignant parts. Plus it has an amazing soundtrack and amazing cast. May not include the best acting but definitely some pretty/hot faces to look at. Beautiful scenery and great execution. 9.5/10

Coffee Prince
Yoon Eun Hye, Gong Yoo
Drooling Hot – Great drama with great storyline and great acting. YEH’s acting definitely improved. At first I didn’t seem to think Gong Yoo was hot at all but he definitely grows on you. The secondary romance story sometimes dragged but it is still an amazing drama. Some parts are just so funny and other so heartbreaking. 9.5/10

East of Eden (EOE)
Song Seung Hoon, Kim Bum, Yoon Jung Hoon, Park Hae Jin, Han Ji Hye, Lee Da Hae, Lee Yeon Hee, Dennis Oh, Jo Min Ki, Lee Mi Sook, Yoo Dong Geun, Shin Eun Jung
Hot – The best thing about the drama is its cast. It boasts such a huge range of stars. A follower of Kdramas has to know about at least one of the members of this amazing cast. The acting, though flawed at times, is one of the best I’ve seen. Kim Bum did a great job as a younger Dong Chul. Park Hae Jin has really shown his talent as well as Han Ji Hye. I’m pretty disappointed in Lee Da Hae’s short role in EOE but Lee Yeon Hee made up for that. The seniors, Jo Min Ki and Lee Mi Sook, were incredible. The plot is really complicated but I like that it’s complicated, though it is often said to be one of the show’s weak points. There is ugly scenery but hot faces to look at. The soundtrack is also amazing; songs by SG Wannabe, Seeya, Davichi, etc. A great long drama (56eps). I really feel like I am experiencing a person’s entire life through this drama.

Now after watching the ending… the rating goes down 0.5. Very little b/c I feel the finale is just so bad that its almost insignificant to this entire drama. Anyways, I enjoyed watching it… just wished I skipped the last episode altogether. 8/10

200 Pound Beauty (movie)
Kim Ah Joong
Hot – Great movie, but I couldn’t understand some parts (but that’s only because I don’t know Korean; like there were some jokes I didn’t get). Great production; great plot; great acting. I cried during the last part of the movie and this is supposed to be a romantic comedy. There were also very funny parts especially in the beginning. 8.5/10

Autumn Tale/Autumn In My Heart

Song Seung Hoon, Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Moon Geun Young
Hot – Such a sad drama. I cried for a week after watching this. It just makes one so depressed and feel that there’s nothing to life. That said, it’s a greatly executed drama. Great acting and great plot. Drags a bit but it’s to be expected in a drama of this genre. Moon Geun Young really did a great job acting as the young Eun Suh. My favorite parts of this drama are actually the beginning telling the story of the main characters lives when they were little. Great production. 8/10

Full House
Rain (Bi), Song Hye Kyo
Hot – Classic asian drama but very funny and endearing. The characters are nicely developed so you can really relate to them. Dragged towards end and very predictable but still very enjoyable. 7/10

Spring Waltz

Suh Do Young, Han Hyo Joo, Daniel Henney
Average – OK drama with a pretty good plot. Dragged a lot in the scenes when the main characters were young. Average acting and great soundtrack. Again, very sad and heartbreaking. Less sad than Autumn Tale but that’s not saying much. 6/10

A Millionaire’s First Love (movie)
Lee Yeon Hee, Hyun Bin
Average – This movie is pretty popular but I don’t see why. The plot is good for a drama but the movie just felt rushed and I didn’t really understand what was going on. Hyun Bin did not look as hot as he did in My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Lee Yeon Hee’s acting was not very good. Still, I cried after watching it and it was an OK movie. 5/10

Taiwanese Dramas

It Started With A Kiss (ISWAK)
Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Jiro Wang
Drooling Hot – Really really an enjoyable drama. It’s so hilarious but also includes romantic and heartbreaking moments. Overall, if you’re looking for a good laugh (or if you’re a student and want to feel better about your grades), seriously watch this drama. 10/10

Fated To Love You (FTLY)
Ethan Ruan, Joe Chen
Drooling Hot – Relatively good acting for Taiwanese drama. Very good plot until episode 12, where it started going downhill but continued strong and had a very strong last episode. Also a comedy but some extremely heartbreaking moments. You grow very close to the characters and this is a drama for everyone. FTLY has the highest drama ratings ever for a Taiwan drama. 9.9/10

Devil Beside You (DBY)

Mike He, Rainie Yang, Kingone Wang
Hot – Enjoyable drama. Not very good acting, but a hot guy was enough for me. A very cute (the lead actress is very cute) drama. Has the classic asian drama elements. 8/10

Meteor Garden (Lui Xing Hua Yuan)

Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vaness Wu, Ken Chu, Barbie Xu
Hot – Enjoyable drama. Some parts dragged (there was one part that I skipped through) but most parts are pretty well-paced. Ugly scenery but hot guys made up for it (the picture may not suggest hot guys but seriously there is some man candy in this drama). The girl really annoyed me but I know people who really liked her personality. This is the first of the Hana Yori Dangos; there has been a Japanese version and now a Korean version. Good plot, not perfectly executed but enjoyable. 7.5/10

Hot Shot (Lan Qiu Huo)
hot shot
Jerry Yan, Show Luo, Wu Chun, Coco Jiang
Hot – Quick-paced, very funny drama. Show Luo is perfect for acting funny and ridiculous scenes. This drama is not realistic at all but man candy + extremely funny scenes that led to stomach aches makes this drama enjoyable. 7.5/10

They Kiss Again (TKA; sequel to ISWAK)
Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Jiro Wang
Hot – Sequel to ISWAK; not as good but still very funny and enjoyable. Some parts catered to more adult/mature viewers which I think defeated the purpose of this drama because it’s supposed to be ridiculous and funny. Overall, it’s very romantic and sweet. And of course really funny. 7/10

Silence (Shen Qing Mi Ma)
Vic Zhou, Park Eun Hye
Hot – Very similar in plot to Autumn Tale for those that have watched it. Extremely saddening and will leave you depressed for days. The beginning dragged a lot but Vic’s hot face kept me going through it. Overall pretty good execution. 7/10

Smiling Pasta
Cyndi Wang, Nicholas Teo
Average – Cute and enjoyable drama. Bad acting but a refreshing plot. 6/10

Romantic Princess
Angela Zhang, Wu Chun, Calvin Chen
Average – Drama started out strong and got really predictable towards end. Also a bit draggy towards the end. Hot guys and really cute and pretty girl. A lot of comic scenes. Mediocre acting but GREAT soundtrack. 6/10

Hana Kimi
hana kimi
Wu Chun, Ella Chen, Jiro Wang
Average – Man candy plus ridiculous plot. That’s all there is to say about this drama. Still I have no idea how I finished it and still enjoyed it. There are romantic scenes and really funny scenes. Overacting to the max, but some people enjoy that. Great soundtrack. 5.5/10

Why Why Love (WWL)
Mike He, Rainie Yang, Kingone Wang (cast of DBY)
Average – Overused plot but still sad in some places despite its predictability. Cute acting again by Rainie and some hilarious scenes. 5.5/10

Bull Fighting (DNYBY)
Hebe Tian, Mike He
Ugly – Classic asian drama plot. I think bad execution though this drama is pretty popular. It was just a very overused plot and some really unrealistic and unnecessary scenes. Some parts were cute and romantic but that’s basically it. Fans of Hebe should like this as well as Mike He fans (but DBY is much better) 3.5/10

Barbie Xu, Vic Zhou
Ugly – This drama has Vic Zhou at his best. And I mean looks not acting (he was much better in Silence). Has a weird plot but it’s a pretty dramatic drama so that’s how I lasted through this odd drama. That and Vic’s extremely hot face. Seriously, you can just watch this drama for Vic. He’s that hot. Barbie annoyed me as she always does. 3/10

Corner With Love
Barbie Xu, Show Luo
Ugly – The beginning was pretty good and then it just went downhill. I haven’t fully finished the drama (2 more eps) and I just don’t find any incentive to finish it. Show’s acting definitely improved from this drama. Barbie again annoys me. Another classic asian drama. 2.5/10

Meteor Garden II
Barbie Xu, Jerry Yan, Vaness Wu, Vic Zhou, Ken Chu
Ewww Ugly – Fans of Meteor Garden should not watch this because it is just too disappointing. Extremely draggy and just altogether frustrating to watch. I almost killed my computer because I was getting too annoyed. Jerry Yan got hotter but that was about it. There were some pointless storylines that also made no sense… Don’t know why I bothered. 1/10

Summer X Summer
Joe Cheng, Cai Yi Zhen, Ethan Ruan
Ewww Ugly – Plot makes no sense and drags so much. Terrible acting that just made me cringe. With the exception of Ethan Ruan, the other guys in the drama were just not attractive. The girl was also annoying. Just bad drama. 1/10

Love Contract
Ariel Lin, Mike He
Ewww Ugly – Absolutely pointless drama. The plot made absolutely no sense and some of the characters were just plain weird and I didn’t understand anything. But this drama is Mike He at his hottest. 1/10

Tokyo Juliet
Wu Chun, Ariel Lin
Ewww Ugly – Another absolutely pointless drama that made no sense. This is especially bad because Wu Chun looks like a messed up girl with his long hair. Plus his voice is dubbed and after hearing his real voice, hearing it dubbed is just disturbing. 1/10

Japanese Dramas/Movies

Hana Yori Dango (HYD) – Japanese Meteor Garden
Inoue Mao, Matsumato Jun, Oguri Shun
Drooling Hot – Great drama. Great plot (same plot as Meteor Garden) and though I knew what was going to happen, I loved this drama. Overacted but that added to the humor. HYD looked much better produced than the Taiwanese Meteor Garden; better scenery and beautiful execution. 9/10

Hana Yori Dango II (HYD2)
Inoue Mao, Matsumato Jun, Oguri Shun
Drooling Hot – This is nothing like Meteor Garden II. I actually feel that HYD2 is a bit better than HYD but most people disagree. HYD2 starts out a bit roughly but it improves immensely. Again great plot and beautiful execution, but overacted. 9/10

1 Litre of Tears
Ryo Nishikido, Erika Sawajiri
Drooling Hot – Such a sad drama and it’s not one of those romance-sad dramas. It’s really an inspiring and moving drama, telling the story of a girl who gets an incurable disease. There is also romance in this drama but the main point of this drama is to highlight the girl’s strength in face of such a disease and her family’s and friends’ love and support. Great drama. Great soundtrack. Great acting. I just find it a bit slow in parts but those parts are supposed to add on to the more serious nature of this drama. 8.5/10

Hana Kimi (Japanese version)
Horikita Maki, Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma
Average – The plot is unrealistic and not much good acting. This drama is purely for entertainment/humor purposes. Some parts are just so ridiculous but very funny. 6/10

Hana Yori Dango Finale (movie)

Inoue Mao, Matsumato Jun, Oguri Shun
Average – A bit disappointing after two very strong dramas but enjoyable nevertheless. It was like a mystery movie and some people liked that. I didn’t just because I thought of HYD as a romance comedy. Still, the ending was very strong and very sweet and mostly, provided excellent closure to this entire series. People who enjoyed HYD should watch this just to finish the series. 5/10

Tatta hitotsu no koi

Kamenashi Kazuya, Ayase Haruka, Erika Toda, Tanaka Koki
Average – Average describes everything in this drama. Average, classic asian plot. Average acting. Average execution. But I still found this drama enjoyable in that it was very simple and told a very innocent love story. Refreshing drama but nothing sticks out in it. Watch if you have nothing else to do. 4.5/10

Nobuta wo produce

Horikita Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya, Yamashita Tomohisa, Erika Toda
Average – Weird story and very few romance moments. Still I find this drama enjoyable because of the cast, especially Kame and Yamapi. A quick watch, so again when you have nothing to do, this can fill up the hours. 4/10

Gokusen 2

Nakama Yukie, Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya
Ugly – Another pointless drama but I kind of liked it because I really like Jin and Kame. If you don’t like those two, there’s really no point in watching this drama. I just skipped around only to see their faces. 3/10

Gokusen 1

Nakama Yukie, Matsumato Jun, Oguri Shun
Ewww Ugly – Really boring and I have no idea why I bothered. Includes part of the cast of HYD but Matsumato and Oguri Shun looked really bad in this drama. Gokusen 2 was much better and had hotter guys in my opinion. 1/10

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i wonder..what barbie had done that annoyed you so much?she’s pretty and very lady like…

Comment by MYA

i don’t find her very pretty but it was her attitude in meteor garden… or the character’s attitude that really annoyed me. she was just really overbearing and i couldn’t help but feel that that attitude carried over in real life… ~~

but it might just be me =))

Comment by soshee

I like devil beside u.i like rainie n mike he.i lob u mike.

Comment by Sneha

i agree with you..i dont really like barbie that much cause i think she’s always overreacting..
they should find someone else to act with vic..
have u watch wish to see you again? its really good!!

Comment by pinksella

I never so obsessed with drama before until I watched BOF long after Autumn in My Heart.. I do not know what I feel rite now.. I hope Kdrama will produce the most amazing story like this in the future. I like their particulars in making the story.

Comment by white sendoh

for me.. i wanna try all of those shows .. i love it started wid a kiss and they kiss again .. just wanna ask why gokusen is ugly for you??its so funny snd really nice story ..

Comment by clarisse

maganda ang sinema na ito sana ma meet ko na…
sila kapag ma meet ko na sila ang saya5x ko na……………………………………….

punta kayo d2 sa phillipines……………

Comment by jethro

Hi, thanks for this overview, very useful.^^
I’m gonna watch “Fated to love you” now xD
Did you already watch “Kimi wa petto”(Japanese) and “My girl”(Korean)? They are nice too.

Comment by Geo

do you know the japanese drama zettai kareshi?
i’m not sure if you’re gonna like it though

Comment by Rima

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