090418 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

OMG AMAZING PERF. 1) look at tiffany and yuri in the background haha. I liked when Tiffany started doing the Shiwon dance part towards the end lol. 2) no more annoying lights. 3) they harmonized the chorus or parts of it. 4) the cameraman gave Shiwon a considerable (not as much as I would’ve…) amount of screen time =))). Oh and nice outfits. AND THEY HAD THE HONOR OF PERFORMING LAST!!!!!

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A’ST1 Comeback + MV
April 17, 2009, 5:32 PM
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As I listen to this song more… it really doesn’t strike me as such a catchy song. I think 1,2,3,4 Back was a lot better. But they definitely needed the popularity of BOF to get them more fans. And I see Haiming =)))) So cute.

I know people said that they should improve their vocals, but they did pretty well vocal-wise for a comeback performance. Yes there’s room for improvement, but that’s a given.

090417 KBS Music Bank

Son Dambi #1 + Encore:

Awww I’m so happy for her. And she just seems so happy. SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!!!! YEAH DAMBI UNNIE~~!!!! I like how happy After School was for Dambi, especially Gahee. They’re old friends~~ I wish After School stayed and performed the encore with Dambi~~ But I’m happy for her (but also sad Super Junior didn’t win).

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090416 M.Net M.Countdown

After School – Diva:

I’m not a huge fan of these black outfits, I like the colorful ones better. And Gahee’s outfit reminds me of Sunye’s horrendous outfits during So Hot (ugh what’s with the huge pants??) But overall, much better vocals. And I can see Yoojin improving, plus she got more screentime. And I love Bekha with those sunglasses~~

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SUPER JUNIOR is coming to play
April 15, 2009, 5:45 PM
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Well… they already came to play on COME TO PLAY!!!!!

Part 1 (eng subbed):

Enjoy~!! I haven’t watched it yet but I expect any show with Super Junior will have me on the floor laughing my head off like a crazy woman…

AST’1 is Dynamite~
April 15, 2009, 5:16 PM
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Yay, they’re making a comeback with the song Dynamite. I can’t say I love the song just yet but the full song hasn’t been released and I’ll wait for the full version before deciding whether to follow their performances. But I do miss my boys~~ I just realized that I need to relearn their names and (most of their) faces … it’s been too long since 1,2,3,4 back when I learned their names… Anyways, I hope they can become even more popular. BOF must’ve helped them!!!

Here’s the tracklist:
01. Dynamite
02. 내가 아니라
03. No More
04. 빈칸 채우기
05. Why

Hahaha SNSD

Following Kim Yuna and DBSK will be SNSD for the Hahaha CF’s. I love the girls in this CF and the song, but the DBSK versions were so funnyyyyy.

The girls also have individual versions.

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oh baby 1,2,3 you and me~~
April 14, 2009, 9:29 AM
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The song is good on the first listen but I just listened it for the third time and it’s already getting a little dull. I like her colorful cute image for this album, but not a huge fan of her hair. I still prefer her older songs~ Enjoy!

Goodbye to Fly To The Sky

I’ve always respected Fly To The Sky for their vocals and superb performance skills. Though I’m not a huge fan of their songs, they really are a talented duo.

I’m not sure if they’re disbanding or just going on a long hiatus… but I’ll be sure to miss them. I wish them all the luck on their individual activities.

My favorite Fly To The Sky song: Sea of Love. It’s not even my favorite FTTS song but one of my all time Kpop favorites. Here is it for anyone who wants to download it: Mediafire

090412 SBS Inkigayo

YAYYY!!! TRIPLE CROWN FOR SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Junior – Sorry  Sorry + Mutizen:

I love the outfits and the lights were for once not in the way of my boys’ faces. And of course, Mutizen. Amazing. AND SHIWON SAID SOMETHING. HEHE HE WAS SHY/HAPPY/SOOOO CUTEE~~

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