[*update: PERFORMANCE!!] It’s You, Super Junior + download links


My thoughts about the song… I’m in love… that’s it LOL.

About the MV… Kibum is in it… but why are there only 11 members during the dance sequences… I don’t know who’s missing (I think Kibum and Heechul…). But I think Heechul did show up towards the end. Maybe it’ll be like in Sorry Sorry when he just comes in at the middle. And also like Sorry Sorry, Heechul gets the last part =)

Download + Youtube Links below:

(… you really shouldn’t just download… but I downloaded it too so I guess I’m at fault too… but I’m also buying the album… so EVERYONE, PLEASE SUPPORT THE BOYS BY ORDERING THE CD ON YESASIA)

It’s You (Mediafire)


Teaser #1: (not really the official teaser… but it’s good enough for me with all the shots of Shiwon LOL)


Official HQ MV:

Download Links: 640×480 [HQ] (credit to dongdonghee CB and // 800×600 [HQ]

Drama Version HQ MV:

Download Links: 640×480 [HQ] (credit toBestiz; dongdonghee’s CB; Heenism + Blue`


090517 SBS Inkigayo: (what’s up with Kangin and Sungmin’s hair?? but nevertheless nice first performance)

Download Links: 1024×576 001 //  002 (join with hjsplit; credits to


Pumashock’s (amazing) cover:

I will be posting download links for the MV and future performances… so please check this post for all Super Junior It’s You download links.


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I take the Mv..

Comment by siti nur

Thank you, I’ve been looking for the MV of It’s You for a long time!
You’re awesome. Thanks!

Comment by Tina

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