Lee Minho holds hands with a fan


Aww, he’s so cute and innocent~ I’m not jealous or mad that he held hands with a fan but … maybe others are. He just seems so down-to-earth and nice~~ And that fan is soooooo damn lucky =)

More pics of him at his fanmeeting (is this his first solo one…?):


Yes, he doesn’t look as good as he usually does in BOF but he’s still sooo adorable and gorgeous~ even with his doofy smile (i really like it) and … odd outfit.

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awww…yes im jealous=.=
he’s very, like angelic somethin like that^^
who is that girl???
why was it not me???!!!!

Comment by applejunkiWi

…your so gorgeous..
..I’m absolutely inlove with you..
I love you so so so much..

Comment by khaye

GOSH that lucky bitch 😛
LOL jk but she’s damn lucky.

Comment by November


Comment by junita

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