090426 SBS Inkigayo

Son Dambi – Saturday Night + Mutizen:

OMG I love this performance~~ The stage was built so nicely and her outfit was ♥♥♥ And Mutizen once again. I hope she gets another Mutizen next week, TRIPLE CROWN! Son Dambi jjang~~

On a side note… WHERE’S SUPER JUNIOR????????????

2PM – Again & Again:

At least we have 2PM in place of SJ… But I bet SJ could never do the flips and other stuff 2PM does in the beginning… Gosh its like a bunch of acrobats running around the stage. Simply amazing. And again, an amazing performance as well~

Davichi – My Man:

Not the best performance vocal-wise. But this song is really catchy and I hope they get some No. 1’s soon. Maybe after Son Dambi’s triple crown =))

After School – Diva:

I love these outfits, they remind me of their Ah outfits a bit~~ And now I finally see Yoojin’s resemblence to Sohee… I never saw it before but she really does look like a more mature Sohee~~ Hope her vocals are better than Sohee’s LOL.

Bae Seul Gi – Tiresome:

I’m starting to like this song more and more~~ And she’s pretty good at singing live. Not to mention she’s gorgeous~~

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