090425 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

I wasn’t a huge fan of this performance… The lights were annoying and something was up with the mics. Plus, they gave Shiwon so little screen time in the beginning. And I just couldn’t focus on the performance after I found at the Eunhyuk dropped his bracelet at 2:35… I hope he gets it back =)

Son Dambi ft. Tiffany + Yuri – Saturday Night:

Ahhhh!!! Amazing performance. Tiffany and Yuri look sososososo hot~~ If you were wondering when they came in, it was at approx 2:23. I found myself thinking that they were one of the backup dancers or something cus they came in so late. But amazing performance. And nice outfits for Dambi and Fany + Yuri~~~~

2PM – Again & Again:

Holy crap… the beginning… why are they so good at dancing??? It looks so intense. And amazing performance as always. They’re vocals are sooo good for such a difficult dance~ And they’re doing what Super Junior does: have some people wear the lapel mics and others hold the normal ones. And this song is just amazing~ But I still like 10 out of 10

Younha – 1,2,3:

Ok this song is just getting so boring that I don’t even bother watching the entire performance… Please Younha, have a better followup song~

A’ST1 – Dynamite:

Eh the vocals again… I actually think this time it’s not their fault. The mics were probably not working so well. What I really hate about them is that they always have the like the same 3 people singing… and Haiming never gets a solo even if it can be said that he’s one of the most popular due to BOF.

After School – Diva:

Yay they’re performing the full version again!! Not the best performance vocally but I just love After School and Diva.

Tiffany + Yuri MC Cuts:

Ah!!!! These two are just adorable~~

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