090424 KBS Music Bank

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry + No. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SO DESERVED THIS! I can’t believe they’re reclaiming the No. 1’s on music charts this late after their comeback!!!! And great performance too. The lighting still annoyed me but it was a lot better b/c it was a lot brighter and I could actually see their faces. I’m loving the change in choreography and the harmonizing (Ryeowook… saranghae~~~). And about the top 3 this time on K-Chart… WOW SNSD IS STILL SECOND!!!!!!!!!!! And 8282 is also holding up pretty well. Congrats Suju!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and btw, look at Chansung (I think… I need to go learn every 2PM members’ names) dancing to Sorry Sorry ♥♥

Son Dambi – Saturday Night:

She didn’t even make it on the top 3 this week… But I still love her and this song!!! Great performace and I loved the outfit even if it doesn’t match with the backup dancers~~

Davichi – 8282 + My Man:

Amazing performance and amazing vocals (on 8282… it sounded like lipsynced the chorus of My Man which doesn’t make sense since aren’t you not allowed to lipsync anything on Mubank…)!! But a lot better than their entirely lipsynced performance yesterday~~ And amazing outfits too! Haeri is getting prettier and prettier.

Younha – 1,2,3:

The more I listen to this song, the more boring it gets… It just isn’t a hit song-material… Like all those other hits out there (I have to say 2009 is looking to be a very promising year for Kpop). Younha is pretty and has a great voice but she could’ve done better than this song.

2PM – Again & Again:

Quite the opposite of Younha’s 1,2,3, the more I listen to this song and watch their performances, the more I love them. Why oh whyyy did they have to cut the song short?? Their dance is just amazing and their vocals are surprisingly good for such a difficult dance. And a really catchy song too!!!! They’re definitely the next hot boyband~~~

A’ST1 – Dynamite:

The surprising thing is that I like A’ST1’s image better than 2PM’s more hip hop feel but I’m wayy more drawn to 2PM. Though A’ST1 definitely improved on their vocals (and I mean really improved. They were horrible last time), I don’t think their dance + vocal combo is as compelling as 2PM’s. And they need a better song / better management and promotions (i.e. GO TO A BETTER COMPANY). And they have mediocre stage presence.

After School – Diva:

I just love this song and great performance though I’m not a huge fan of their yellow outfits… Why are they performing so early though?? I guess they’re up against stiff competition… but still, such a catchy song should merit more popularity and recognition lol~~

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