090423 M.Net M.Countdown

After School – Diva:

The girls did amazing but gosh… what’s up with the lights and the cameraman??? This is why I’m not the biggest fan of M.Ca performances. That and the fact that there’s no HD and that SM artists can’t perform on it for whatever reason. But still the girls are too pretty and ths song is too good to be destroyed by the lights and camera angles.

Son Dambi – Saturday Night:

LOL the cameraman is a perv in the beginning… And here comes the big hair again. But regardless, nice performance and outfit. Just wish that she could perform a remix or a follow up single… but I guess she’s still going for No. 1 on M.Ca so she’s sticking with saturday Night.

Davichi – My Man:

I’m so bummed they didn’t sing live. But one of them is probably not feeling so well right now so they definitely need the rest. Love the song and Kang Minkyung is soooo cute~~

Younha – 1,2,3:

I’m still not liking this new image of hers… She didn’t have to go so cutesy and her old songs were definitely better. This one just sounds (after listening to it for a while) kinda childish. And she doesn’t have any choreography so the performances are just not that interesting.

Evan – 머리와 심장이 싸우다 (Struggle of the Mind & Heart):

Evan really is a talented underrated singer~~ His new comeback song is great but cannot compare with Pain Reliever (his title song from his last album). I have to say that I’m strongly biased to love him as I loved Click B and I kinda sorta know him in person (not as well as I would like…) LOL he’s not only an amazing singer but also soooooo hot. Here’s his Pain Reliever MV for those interested =) And here’s his most recent MV for Struggle of the Mind & Heart.

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