Boys Over Flowers Season 2… kinda

What can I say? I’m missing BOF so much that this little measly video with only 10sec of new scenes gets me soooo excited. I just wish that it could be not only a music drama but A WHOLE NEW EPISODE. BOF fans need something like that… but I guess that’s exactly what the stars don’t need… more work.

But still, GET EXCITED!!!!! IT’LL BE AWESOME. even if it just means 10 more seconds of seeing Minho’s beautiful face.

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I can’t believe I’ve only seen this now!
I finished BOF over my summer break (Around May?), but seeing this makes me miss it so much! 😦
I tried to distance myself from BOF after I finished it ’cause I didn’t wanna get too attached. XD
But now… ugh! I wanna watch it again & again & again & agaaa-aain. (Yes, I’m channeling 2PM, I’m sorry.)
I’m especially curious about Woo Bin’s after story, because we don’t really know much about him in the drama.
Ohhhh, but I’m so excited for ALL OF IT. 8D


Comment by Tina

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