090419 SBS Inkigayo

Son Dambi – Mutizen + Encore:

YAY third No. 1 of the week!!!!! And this time, After School stayed after for the encore!!!!

Son Dambi – Saturday Night:

Loving the outfit!! (i love green lol) And she really just keeps on getting better. I hope she starts performing other songs or a remix version. But probably she wants to get some more No. 1’s with Saturday Night~~!!

Super Junior – Let’s Not + Sorry Sorry:

Ok. First Let’s Not: AMAZING. I can’t believe they brought 5 pianos on the stage… And I had no idea Sungmin, Teukie, Donghae, Shiwon, and Hankyung ALL KNOW HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO… Wow. And who can deny KRY’s mesmerizing voices. I actually can’t pick the best voice out of the three. They’re just all amazing!!! Sorry Sorry: ALSO AMAZING. Harmonizing and choreography change. But the cameraman didn’t give us the best view of the choreography change…

Davichi – My Man:

I’m officially in love with this song; it’s soo cutee~~ I didn’t like the MV so much thought… there were some creepy way too upclose shots I thought. And this performance disappointed me a bit… the vocals weren’t as good as they usually are.

After School – Diva:

Mehh they shortened it… But I just love this song. They should really get some No. 1’s with this. Even if you hate them, you can’t deny that this song is just amazing and sooo catchy. The last chorus bit with all the added … harmonizing (but you can’t really call it that) sounded a bit messy.

Tiffany – By Myself:

Wow. I have to admit that I haven’t always been the biggest Tiffany fan… her personality just doesn’t mesh well with me. But also, I’ve always thought of her as an untalented person who can’t really do anything, singing, dancing, acting, etc. But this proved me wrong. Yes, she can never really live up to Taeyeon’s ballad-singing ability but she comes pretty close. There were some parts that sounded a bit shaky and uncontrolled (which characterizes her voice in general lol) but overall, great performance!!!!! I just hope that Sica gets a solo song too. Seohyun had that trot song; Taeyeon had If and Can You Hear Me; and now Tiffany. That leaves only Sica as the last main vocal of SNSD to get a solo song.

Super Junior – Save Energy Save Earth:

I’ve been waiting for Suju to do the Save Energy Save Earth thing on Inkigayo and yay finally!!! I wish Heechul was in it. He would’ve made this even funnier. But glad Shiwon was in it =) Kibum, Hankyung, Kangin, and Heechul are missing. Highlights: dragging Teukie and Yesung out; pepero game; that game they played in Full House (one person’s it and he tries to catch people moving after he turns around… what’s it called???); some random Kyu pushups LOL; Ryeowook acting crazy. Ummmm I basically listed the entire thing as a highlight lol.

Younha – 1,2,3:

Nice performance as always. But nothing is amazing about this song, the performance, and her new image.

Brand New Day – Salmanhae:

Ok… ummmmmm still performing this song??? I love the song and them but they really need another song. But nice vocals and performance. They remind me of Davichi soooo much.

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