090418 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

OMG AMAZING PERF. 1) look at tiffany and yuri in the background haha. I liked when Tiffany started doing the Shiwon dance part towards the end lol. 2) no more annoying lights. 3) they harmonized the chorus or parts of it. 4) the cameraman gave Shiwon a considerable (not as much as I would’ve…) amount of screen time =))). Oh and nice outfits. AND THEY HAD THE HONOR OF PERFORMING LAST!!!!!

A’ST1 – Dynamite (Comeback):

I’m kinda already bored of this song… but they’re just so hot~~ And I really need to get a glimpse of my Haiming lol. But I still hope people support them!!!! And that they get some No. 1’s!! And the outfits… yes, they’re a bit ripped off of SNSD but then again I thought SNSD ripped off of Shinee… LOL. So whatever, A’ST1 boys are looking hot and that’s what matters =)

Younha – 1,2,3 (Comeback):

Did she just not perform at Music Bank yesterday…?? I liked this comeback performance better than M.Ca’s. And I’m liking this song more and more!! But still… nothing can beat Password 486.

Son Dambi – Saturday Night:

Hehe. I love Fany and Yuri in the beginning. And Fany’s english!!! But ugh her poofy hair is back. And maybe she should… change songs? Do a remix or something. I don’t know, I’m kinda getting bored of this song.

After School – Diva:

Loving the outfits. But where’s Sooyoung (that’s her name right… I’m a bit rusty on their names)????? So Sooyoung’s missing because she was hospitalized after fainting from exhaustion. I hope she gets better!!! ~~ I just am in love with this song. And amazing performances too!!!! They definitely deserve some No. 1’s with this song.

K.Will ft. SJ Ryeowook – My Tears Are Falling:

I guess he’s using the SM artists to promote himself. As with many new artists who feature already established artists in their MV’s and performances to promote themselves, I don’t have much respect for them. Even with K. Will’s talent (he has an amazing voice and I like the song), I just wish he could rely on his own talent to gain more popularity.

Tiffany + Yuri MC Cuts:

These two are so cute. And Yuri cut her hair!! (I liked her long hair though…) I like Tiffany’s HUGEEEE bow haha. And her tears. haha. And I’m sure anti’s might say stuff about how they’re sitting in on a lot of the performances… I guess it comes off as almost placing yourself on the stage when it’s really not your place… But I’m sure Fany and Yuri didn’t mean anything by it. I heard ant’s complaining about Yuri directing Kara on last week’s Music Core… And just, they’re not trying to make themselves superior or something…

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