090417 KBS Music Bank

Son Dambi #1 + Encore:

Awww I’m so happy for her. And she just seems so happy. SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!!!! YEAH DAMBI UNNIE~~!!!! I like how happy After School was for Dambi, especially Gahee. They’re old friends~~ I wish After School stayed and performed the encore with Dambi~~ But I’m happy for her (but also sad Super Junior didn’t win).

Son Dambi – Saturday Night:

Loving the performances~~ And she hasn’t had that poofy hairstyle in a while =)) And her vocals are improving a lot. Dambi hwaiting!!!!

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

I love Super Junior so much but, Mubank cameramen… WHY MUST YOU 1) HAVE THE FLASHING LIGHTS 2) FILM AT ODD ANGLES SOMETIMES AND 3) DO THE PULSING CAMERA MOVEMENT… Ugh. But still the boys are just amazing. Does Shiwon’s hair look especially slicked back this time… lol. I pay attention to him way too much LOL. Oh and I forgot another thing the cameraman did. He never gave a closeup on Heechul… Even at the end, the camera was pretty far from Heechul during his laugh… Ugh. But haha, Donghae. The part when the boys line up and Donghae goes in front (towards the end at approx 3:14), there was no space in front for him to go so he just walked kinda off the stage and then back on LOL. The stage is always too small for Super Junior.

After School – Diva:

I always like After School’s Mubank performances the best… And this one is no difference. They gave Yoojin (I just can’t get used to Uee…) more screentime. And can these girls get any prettier????

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