090416 M.Net M.Countdown

After School – Diva:

I’m not a huge fan of these black outfits, I like the colorful ones better. And Gahee’s outfit reminds me of Sunye’s horrendous outfits during So Hot (ugh what’s with the huge pants??) But overall, much better vocals. And I can see Yoojin improving, plus she got more screentime. And I love Bekha with those sunglasses~~

Younha – 1,2,3:

This song (and the image in general) seems a bit childish to me… But nice vocals (and is she actually playing the piano????). Personally I prefer her other new song Peace, Love, and Ice Cream.

Davichi – 8282:

I’m glad they’re still performing this song and not only My Man. As much as I love My Man, I still miss 8282. Is it just me but does the music sound a bit weird today?? (nothing about their singing, just the background music track…)

And I can’t believe I forgot about this. Son Dambi’s No. 1 on M. Ca!!!!!!!!!!!

Son Dambi – Saturday Night:

Congrats Son Dambi!!!!!

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