090412 SBS Inkigayo

YAYYY!!! TRIPLE CROWN FOR SUPER JUNIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Junior – Sorry  Sorry + Mutizen:

I love the outfits and the lights were for once not in the way of my boys’ faces. And of course, Mutizen. Amazing. AND SHIWON SAID SOMETHING. HEHE HE WAS SHY/HAPPY/SOOOO CUTEE~~

After School – Diva:

Ehh I’m not a huge fan of these outfits. They looked fine by themselves, but a bit messy put together. And as much as I love Yoojin, she just doesn’t have much stage presence… plus no screentime. At least, Gahee got more screentime this performance.

Son Dambi – Saturday Night:

Nice outfit, nice hair, nice performance. Maybe now that Super Junior is not eligible for Mutizen, Son Dambi will win some No. 1’s on Inkigayo as well!!

Davichi – My Man:

I still prefer 8282 but I’m loving this song more and more. And the performances are so energetic and Kang Minkyung looks adorableee. I don’t think they’ll get as much success with this song as with 8282…

Kara – Honey + Pretty Girl (Goodbye Stage):

Goodbye to our girls!!!!! I’m sure they’ll be back in no time… maybe they’ll come back when Wonder Girls and SNSD come back… BATTLE OF THE GIRL GROUPS!!!!!

Bae Seul Gi – Tiresome:

I’m still not liking this song… But she’s gorgeous and it’s a nice performance~~

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