090410 KBS Music Bank

Son Dambi won No. 1:

When I first read that Son Dambi won No. 1, I was really disappinted Super Junior lost yet again. And this time, they weren’t even second but third. It was Lollipop vs. Saturday Night. But after watching Dambi’s reaction to her No. 1, I felt that she really deserved it. (is this possibly her first No. 1 since debut?) I’ve heard of her family’s story and it’s really saddening, and this girl definitely deserves all the success and support she’s recieved. Son Dambi hwaiting!! On a side note, I find it awkward when they give like 10 flower bouquets to a solo singer, and that artist is forced to hold all of them… haha. 

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

I still think she needs to work on her vocals. And that hair. But I just love this song. Is it just me but is there A LOT MORE backup dancers this time??

Kara – Honey + Pretty Girl (Goodbye Stage):

Loving the outfits. And I feel so happy for them. They’ve achieved so much success for both Pretty Girl and Honey. And they worked so hard for it. Hope they come back relaxed and with another hit~

After School – Diva (Comeback):

I like how I think their vocals were better here than at M. Ca, when at Music Bank, you can’t lipsync at all… Anyways I loved this performance!!!!!!!!! Amazing. I wish they would give Gahee and the new girl some more screentime as they’re my two favorite members. 

Davichi – My Man:

Haha, they’re so dorky. Ah how I love Shindong. I just wish Shiwon would stop staying in the back for all these waiting room cuts…

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thanks for that, just what I was looking for

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