090409 M.Countdown
April 9, 2009, 10:53 PM
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After School – Diva (Comeback)

I didn’t like the performance all that much. The vocals sounded a bit messy. And … I couldn’t get a close look at Yoojin. Also I had trouble telling which one was Gahee but after close observation, I realized she got bangs. But I still love this song and the outfits and the dance~~

Kim Joon + Kang Min Kyung – I Love U Oh Thank U (Special Stage)

Wow. Kang Min Kyung is just getting more and more popular just by her connections with BOF… haha.

Super Junior vs. Davichi – Super Junior win No. 1 on M.Ca

Yayyyy. Thank you Korean Elves!!!!!!!!! I’m so sad they weren’t there to get the award… what’s with SM and its arguments with broadcasting companies??? Gosh. Anyways, the hit on the head was HILARIOUS. Watch the last few seconds, and this girl in the crowd just smacks another girl on the head… It looked hard…

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