LEE MINHO – Cass Beer CF

His Cass Beer CF with Jessica Gomez (am i the only one who doesn’t know who she is… she’s gorgeous though… but is she korean? half? idk)

Minho makes his appearance at about 1:00… and gosh he is smoking hot. I wasn’t too thrilled about his look when I saw pictures but omg he is just beautiful. Jessica Gomez is sooo luckyyyyy~~ (but then again i’m not a huge fan of “bad boys” so i’m not digging this side of Minho even though he looks so hot). And this MV reminds me so much of Hyori’s Anycall MV’s… I guess they’re going for the same concept.

ok… wait. when I said that I liked Minho’s new look, I meant his first look in this MV. Not when he slicks his hair back and puts on eyeliner. ugh I just don’t like it. 

But he can dance and sing!! (btw he sings this song) Not terribly amazingly (and nowhere near his acting ability) but still… very well rounded =)

I still think Shiwon pulls off the emo sexy look better than Minho (in Shiwon’s Evisu ads… ie my banner lol)

If anyone is looking for the song’s download link (i think it’s called… cass beer?? haha idk) – 4shared (Credit: iMasochistic)

I’ve been reading the comments on youtube videos and news sites about Minho’s choice to endorse beer… I really think it’s his choice and it’s not up to netizens to argue whether or not he should (afterall, it is also his choice to smoke, and as much as I disagree with smoking, it’s his choice and I don’t let it affect how I view him as a celebrity). Furthermore, he’s really not doing anything fundamentally wrong with endorsing liquor. It’s not like his participation in the CF will lead to more underage drinking (BOF fans are most likely in their teens)… And even so, is he responsible for that? He also needs to make a living and endorsing liquor (and cellphones) makes a lot of money. And I just hate how some people now stop being his fan just because he took on this CF. Yes, I’m also put off by his drinking in this CF, but it’s just a CF. I can’t say this with certainty, but I don’t think he goes to clubs and drinks whenever he’s free… and hooks up with random girls… His personality hasn’t changed; he’s probably just as down to earth, dorky, blunt, etc. as before. He hasn’t suddenly become some kind of bad boy…

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you’re so cute, lee min ho ! I’ll be ya fan 4ever ! Try ya best ! Ok?

Comment by rachna

.. jessica gomez is so lucky to be with lee min ho,

.. well, i hope to see more of geum jan di/Goo Hye Sun with lee min ho,, i really love their tandemn..

.. fabulous, gorgeous lee min ho!! you are the best!

.. lee min ho forever!!!

Comment by _blue_♥

.. hope you could come to philippines!!

Comment by _blue_♥

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