April 6, 2009, 5:33 PM
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생일 축하요!!! 행복하고 건강한!!!

希望你的生日過的快樂~~ 我會永遠支持你.

HOPE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE~~ don’t worry, the world will come to know the name “siwon choi” in no time. And I hope Super Junior becomes even more successful in the future~~

3 인자와 진리로 네게서 떠나지 않게 하고 그것을 네 목에 매며 네 마음판에 새기라 4 그리하면 네가 하나님과 사람 앞에서 은총과 귀중히 여김을 받으리라 5 너는 마음을 다하여 여호와를 의뢰하고 네 명철을 의지하지 말라 6 너는 범사에 그를 인정하라 그리하면 네 길을 지도하시리라.

          잠언 3:3 – 6



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isnt his bday is on the 10th?

Comment by Maii

he was born april 7th, but his parents registered him feb 10th… i dont know why lol.

Comment by soshee

oh really? Lol! i didnt know that. So like, we’re greeting him today and we’re gonna greet it again on the 10th? haha. Confused here. Anyways.. HAPPY real BIRTHDAY SHIWONNN!!!

Comment by Maii

what does yhe hangul mean ??

Comment by choi hye-ra_wonwon

happy birth day siwon-sshi ,wish you all the best!!
hei hyera !!hha*

Comment by kibumnous*trisa

naon sih ??

Comment by sasha..mommynya..SASHI

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