090404 MBC Music Core

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

Hehe. Hyukjae ah, happy birthday~~~ So cute when Fany said it~ I wish all of SNSD can be music shows MC’s so I can get my SNSD fix every week… lol. 

So about SORRY SORRY perf, I always like Music Core perfs better than Music Bank perfs b/c of the superior lighting. But the cameraman didn’t give us too many closeups… mehh~ At least, he focused quite a bit on Shiwon in the beginning. And was it just me but did it seem like the fan cheers were loud and also… close (like they sounded like the fans were right next to me…)

Son Dambi – Saturday Night:

I’m starting to like this song a lot, as well as the dance. But … the hair and outfit (if she just took off that blue sweater thing, it would look so hot) just don’t work for me. And she needs to work on her vocals, or just lipsync and dance with more power or something.

8282 – Davichi:

Maybe it’s just that I haven’t been following all their perfs closely, but they did the best I think in this perf (at least out of the perfs I’ve watched). And again Fany and Yuri in the beginning… SO CUTE.

Kara – Honey:

I love the outfits~~~~ I used to find this song extremely annoying but I’m getting used to it (lol at the end of their promotions). Their vocals improved a lot too. But these girls need a break… they’ve been promoting their second minialbum for a really long time.

Yuri/Tiffany MC Cuts:

Just adorable. And they’re both freaking gorgeous. And I love their outfits. I only wish there was a male MC with them… Lol. Maybe someone from Suju and then SUPER GENERATION MOMENTS~~

Yuri/Tiffany Special State:

Guys should enjoy this… gosh they are hot. Even I have to admit that lol.

K.Will ft. Yuri – 눈물이 뚝뚝:

I wish Yuri sang something… but gosh K. Will’s voice is amazing~~ I just wish this song was better or that he was more attractive…

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