WONDER GIRLS remake of Finkl Now MV
April 3, 2009, 3:27 PM
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The Finkl version is so much better in my opinion. And I don’t think any of the members, except for Sunye, really pulled off the sexy look that Finkl does so well.

And maybe it was the outfits, the angles, or the lighting, but every member (even stick skinny Sumni and Sohee) seemed a bit short and… I’ll just say it, a bit fat, especially in the full body dance shots. I’m not advocating anorexia here, just commenting on something I noticed.

Here is the download link for the original Finkl version: Mediafire

Credit when taking link out~!

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yea i noticed that too. as far as i know they are all very skinny and well, they didn’t look as skinny as they normally do here
i thought this was nicely done.. makes me nostalgic

Comment by cobugi

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