Kimbum + Kim Soeun – Anycall CF

AHHHH. Simply amazing and cute!!!!! Love this couple!

Here’s the song Bodyguard by Shinee (I like ittttt!!)

The download links are included in that video. Credit to … whoever put up the video. Or if you’re too lazy to click the video, download link. Again credit to the person who put up the video.

And… guess what? There’s even an MV for this song~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! BOF IS SO NOT OVER! At least not for Gaeul/Yijung~~ Soeul couple HWAITING!

Gaeul is just the cutest person out there!!!! I just wanna pinch her cheeks hehe~~ And omg… I finally got Boom’s hair. First I was like wtf is up with it. And now I get it… he’s copying Junpyo’s pama LOL. Which is why he calls himself F4… don’t laugh, I’m slow sometimes. AND…. THEY JUST CAN’T GIVE US A REAL SOEUL KISS CAN THEY??? GOSH. LOL.


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i like tis cf…it’s so cute…
i like it when gaeul makes the cat-like face…
and how yiseong try to hide his feelings^^

Comment by applejunkiWi

im sorry…
it’s yijeong=.=

Comment by applejunkiWi

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