2NE1 Debut – Lollipop
April 3, 2009, 2:33 PM
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I can’t say I like this group… I usually have very bad first impressions (and overall less respect) for new groups that heavily rely on already established and popular groups to make themselves popular. (Example, Zhang Liyin and how she always depended on Hankyung, Shiwon, and Lee Yeonhee, and Junsu; it made me really lose respect for her, even though she has amazing talent… I just can’t like her that much) Same with this band… they seem to be standing on Big Bang’s shoulders to get up there with the other popular idol groups. Yes I know they’re in the same company, GDragon manages (i think) 2NE1, blah blah blah. But look at SNSD… they were known pre-debut as the girl Super Junior and yet they debuted with Into the New World without any help from Super Junior or other SM bands. It was only until Kissing You when SNSD were already getting popular that Donghae was featured in the MV. And even then he was a minor part of the MV. While in this MV of Lollipop (and I don’t even like the song…), if I hadn’t known that this was 2NE1’s debut, I would’ve thought that they were just featuring some girls in a BIG BANG MV. Big Bang is more in the forefront of this MV.

So … all that put aside, I simply don’t like this group. I don’t like the song, I don’t like their concept (especially the hair), I don’t like the dance… I don’t like them lol. I was expecting more but… oh well~~


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ist not there debut,…
This is the CF from Big Bang and 2NE1 is just fituring,..
BTW there debut is in May!!!

Comment by Mee

2NE1 haters can kiss my ass!!! You all know too much…. ZzzzZzzzzzz….

Comment by dorkytaeng

just admit that they’re awful…2NE1 are just one of the same girls like wonder girls (which i personally hate) SNSD are way much better!

Comment by sera

i personally agree with you and i dont like them either. their concept is horrible and the hair styles are just AWFUL. im a korean myself and i really think this 2NE1 isn’t going to work very well. This is a part of their debut, since they’re promoting the phones but…i really think they suck. big bang is whole much better than them, and i just don’t like the idea of these girls.

Comment by sera

2NE1, 21, ToAnyone ❤
Some of you are right but who knows? Let’s just see if 2NE1 is gonna work? Lollipop, is actually not their debut. YG is still planning for the new female group’s debut. So, if you read the past entries from other blogs about the 4. They’re famous before with the name Female Big Bang. So, some Big Bang fans will be just expecting more on collabs? Just like me. I’m expecting more on collabs, 2NE1 and Big Bang. But I think the new female group cannot collaborate with Big Bang forever tho their Big Brother G-Dragon is their Producer and Composer. So, I think life there’s no Big Bang can they successfully debut? But I’m a fan so hell to the yeah!

Comment by Tricia Park

so love

Comment by vothpanha

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