090403 KBS Music Bank

Davichi 8282 won No.1 (second was Suju)

Super Junior – Sorry Sorry:

Ah here comes Music Bank lighting again. But it wasn’t as bad today~ And lol, Shiwon’s face is so greasy. Usually it’s more noticeable for me in brighter stable lights but… I guess today it was extra greasy so it was noticeable in even flashing lights. Still love Shiwon though~

Davichi – 8282:

I really wasn’t expecting Davichi to win No.1… I thought they had passed the No.1 “torch” (idk haha) to Suju last week, but I guess not. I do love 8282 but I just love Super Junior more, not necessarily the song Sorry Sorry. I hope the elves in Korea can be more active and VOTE FOR THEIR BOYS. People have theorized that BOF fans voted for 8282 as Kang Minkyung is friends with Lee Minho… idk how I feel about that lol. Anyways, Davichi and Suju hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!

T-Max – Fight The Bad Feeling:

Yayyy Kim Joon is in this (but they didn’t give him any screentime…). I guess he’s free now after BOF filming ended. I like this performance a lot better than the Paradise performance (this song is also better… but I wish they had performed the ballad version, the song is more suited for a ballad I think). And you know what… I think all the members are relatively good looking (I actually think one of them, the one in the black hat is better looking than Kim Joon…). Anyways, I’ll start looking out for T-Max.

AST’1 – Yearning of the Heart

Yayyy. Finally AST’1 is back. I actually liked their debut song 1,2,3,4 Back but it never got really popular. Now with a song on BOF soundtrack and Haiming’s guest star on BOF, maybe they’ll be the next stars to jump on the BOF bandwagon and rise in popularity lol. And I also love this song, it’s so cute and happy lol. And I’m reminded of both Junpyo/Jaekyung supermarket trip (haha that was hilarious) and also the farewell Junpyo/Jandi date (soo cute and sad). That said… AST’1 should really work on their vocals… And also, with 6 members, at least give each member relatively equal parts and not have 2 members sing most of the song. And is it just me but was Haiming not given ANY screentime???? Come on guys… he’s the one who had the most to do with BOF.

Bae Seul Gi – Tiresome

For those interested, Bae Seul Gi made her comeback today (or yesterday on M.Ca… I’m actually not sure). I love her on variety shows but not so much as a singer… she is gorgeous though. And what’s with all these songs (Ah! by After School, Saturday Night by Son Dambi, and now this) that starts with “blazing sound” (or something else… I can’t hear it properly)…. And Seul Gi, take off your sunglasses please, you’re so pretty, you don’t need to hide behind a pair of shades~

On a side note, her MV also came out for those interested. Here’s the link: 지겨워 – 배슬기

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