I’m still too heartbroken by the fact that BOF is over that I just can’t write a recap. So just comments.

Actually… I don’t really have that many comments. Just the fact that this episode really pulled the drama together. I’d say it was the best ending out of the 3 versions (even better than HYD ending which was pretty good). I think for once, there were no striking logic inconsistencies. And every character was given some closure (though I still find that Jihoo becoming a doctor is a bit odd but I can get where it’s coming from). 

I have to say I’m very surprised the writers and PD were able to structure the amnesia/Yumi arc so well… how come they weren’t able to do this for the entire drama?? Anyways, I actually enjoyed that arc in this version, which is just unbelievable. I always thought it was the most retarded (for lack of a more apt word lol) addition to a perfectly fine story… And I was always annoyed at it in the drama versions (especially in the Twn version, but also in HYD). But in BOF, though it felt a bit rushed, I have to say that it was done very well. Everything made sense: Junpyo’s accident, Mommy Kang’s reaction, the appearance of Yumi, HOW JUNPYO ENDED UP REMEMBERING JANDI, Jihoo’s reaction, etc.

(oh and my comment on how I don’t have that many comments…  I just lied lol. I just had to start writing)

I’ve already written about how I loved both the causes and effects of Junpyo’s accident. Unlike in the other versions, in which I have always felt that Mommy Kang’s “sudden” change in temperament towards Jandi’s relationship with Junpyo was strange and unprovoked, I actually understand why Mommy Kang did end up supporting their relationship and how she let go of her cold veneer and revealed the person she actually was underneath (perhaps…). And now she just seems genuinely nice!!!! (so nice of her to take care of her husband!!)


The pool scene, when Junpyo remembered Jandi, was done extraordinarily. It brought back so many memories of past episodes and certain loveable quirks about Junpyo that I couldn’t help but sob through the scene (well I sobbed through most of the finale, but I sobbed extra hard during this scene). Jandi demonstrated that she truly knows, cares for, and loves Junpyo. She has utter faith in him, so much faith that she was willing to put her own life in danger, almost suggesting that his love meant as much as her own life. In this scene, she also highlighted everything Junpyo has done for her, and almost confessed in a sense that everything Junpyo sacrificed for her meant a lot to her, even if in the past she played it off as if she didn’t care. What made me cry even more, however, was Jihoo’s reaction to her falling into the pool. Now he could’ve easily saved her but he knew her intentions and let Junpyo do the saving. He held back his love for her so that her love could be fulfilled and he almost seems to have officially passed on his role as her bodyguard/firefighter/lifesaver to Junpyo. (This seems fitting as I was expecting some scene in which Jihoo would literally “hand over” Jandi to Junpyo.) And the expression on his face when Junpyo dived in after her was just so… I’ll put in a screencap.gbn25avi_001768967

It’s a little harder to tell by the screencap but when you actually watch the episode, his expression is almost like a mixture of happiness, relief, pain, anger, the exact emotions Jihoo is feeling. For once Hyunjoong succeeded on displaying his character’s emotions on his face, something he was never able to accomplish with his blank stares. Anyways, he’s happy that Junpyo remembers her, relieved both that she will be saved and that the person he loves will be able to be together with their loved one, hurt that he was not able to save her and be with her, anger that he lost her to his best friend. I think this version really portrayed Jihoo’s sacrifice, true love and friendship better than the other versions.

I actually thought Junpyo going away for 4 years was a bit random but I guess a 4years later thing was needed to give this drama a proper ending. And I guess an explanation for what happened to Shinhwa was needed. And it’s nice to see Junpyo successful in his career as well as his personal life.

As for Soeul, I think the ending was very good. Though I am still dreaming for a Soeul kiss, I’m very satisfied by the ending. Gaeul didn’t outrightly say that she hadn’t yet found a soulmate; rather, it was her students who revealed that. Furthermore, I have always found that Gaeul and Yijung, though a couple with great chemistry, were not perfect with each other before the 4 year separation. They needed the separation to allow each party to fully appreciate the other’s presence and further strengthen their love.


As for Jandi and Junpyo, I really wanted Jandi to say yes to Junpyo (thought she most likely is going to but we never see it). At least, they’re together in the end. With F4. F4+Jandi, I’ll miss you dearly.

Final Comments

I think this is a drama I will always go back to, rewatch, make references to, cry about, laugh about, spazz about, and will never forget. I have to say it is the most entertaining drama I’ve seen in a while and one of the few that I’ve finished with joy and tears. Tears not because it was sad but because it was the ending of something that was a major part of my life, though only for 3 monthes. Writing this recap now, I’m replaying Almost Paradise (which was for once used appropriately in this episode) and am a bit teary-eyed. I really felt the characters come to life in this version more than the others. And now to say goodbye to them after a short 3 monthes is so bittersweet for me.

I’ve also become attached to the cast of this series, more so in BOF than in any other drama (and I’ve seen plenty). I hope they get some much needed rest, and wish them luck in any future endeavors, be it other dramas/movies or personal relationships (*hint Minho, you wanted a real relationship? well, theres 10,000,000 fans waiting for you). Even without stellar acting, the cast made this journey entertaining and completely worthwhile. I already miss you guys. 보고싶다~~!!!

To the PD, staff, etc of BOF, I wish you guys luck as well!!!

For people that have not watched this drama, or have stopped in the middle (ie a lot of my friends lol), I strongly encourage you to watch this. Though it isn’t the best written, best acted, best directed drama ever, it is at least entertaining. I hope everyone can enjoy it as much as I did.

And just as a side note, I calculated how many GB’s on my computer is dedicated to BOF. 45 GB… pictures, videos, music, documents, etc. Now that’s a lot.

ALMOST 파라다이스!!!!


For anyone who’s looking for OST download links, I organized all of them here

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I love your post so much, it says a lot of things I wanted to say but was unable to write them down in english, especially Jihoo’s expression, I’m so confused with his expression throughout the last episode and I think your interpretation is the closest to the actual meaning of it. Thanks so much xxxxx

Comment by wendy

how can we not love that scene. It’s the most important and sweetest of them all! too bad it ended!

Comment by Sue Noona

i will surely miss this drama XD

Comment by minho

i absolutely love this drama. i didn’t cry, but i wish i did. LOL i’m so gonna re-watch it because YES IT WAS THAT GOOD! its probably really hard for JiHoo to let go of Jandi, but he managed to do it…right? i agree that its kinda weird how he instantly became a doctor. didn’t he play the piano and violin? anywho; like i said the drama was good, and so are the OSTs =)
thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Comment by Suzie

sarang-heyo Yi Jung

Comment by jean rose

i fall in love with junpyo and jandi..i surely look and look and look again this drama..but i dont like the ending also…sweet scene between J and J?It’s always short scene…

Comment by nora

hi..ang guwapo nila..
mga..crush..ko yan..
..excuse me ghurls…
…they mine

Comment by bennafe c abad

BOF, keeren !!!
saya yakin tidak akan pernah nge-fans sama f4 korea , kalau tidak lewat BOF,,^^
saya harap banyak film2 baru spt ini..

kimbum! I Really Like Your Smile..

sorry, my english is bad. ^^ ,

Comment by khairiah

I like this very much. And i love all of actors. IF I HAVE A CHANCE I WANT A FRIEND WITH THEM.
If u read my letter , will u reply me?

Comment by fayaugust18

Hallo Boys Over Flowers is So nyc… hallo woo bin….

Comment by Bianca Montejo


Comment by kina

i watch the finale episode again & again ; addictive..

Comment by aadorkablee

i watch the finale epesode agian

Comment by jean rose

kim bum kiss ga eul pliss

Comment by ermera

i am 12 years old i always see can u find that are so cute like them

Comment by kina

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