I just… don’t feel like recapping so I’ll just make some general comments:

1. Mommy Kang’s starting to soften up a bit. And I like this slow transformation. I mean, no one (not even Mommy Kang) can stay this heartless when her son was in a near death situation. And the conversation between her and Jandi was maybe the only time they talked as equals. Even though Mommy Kang quickly stood up and left, she was shaken by both her talk with Jandi and her talk with Junhee, and this all showed when she regretfully (imo) watched as the father and son ate uhmook together.

2. I liked the idea of having Junpyo’s accident sorta be Mommy Kang’s fault, since she was responsible for antagonizing that crazy guy in the first place. Maybe Mommy Kang will learn from this incident that succeeding in the business world does not guarantee, and in some cases, will snatch away happiness from you.

3. Jihoo… omg I just feel so bad for him. Having to go through everything with Jandi and then having her reject you for someone who is your best friend is just something so horrible… I can’t even imagine what it feels like in his shoes. And on top of that, the one who your loved one loves loses his memories of your loved one and you’re forced to hear yourself constantly called your loved one’s boyfriend by the person your loved one actually loves, even though you know perfectly clear that her heart does not belong to you (ok… i made this really complicated). Anyways… I feel for Jihoo… I just wanna give him a big hug. At least he has his grandpa in his life now.

4. I’m ready to kill that Yumi girl… and I’m 100% sure I’m not alone. (She is gorgeous though…) But she sure does annoy the hell out of me…

5. Minho shirtless. Yayyy


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Comment by superkid

Haha I like the way u explained the love thing lol it was funny–even tho I had to read it twice lmao

Comment by Lany

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