BOYS OVER FLOWERS ep 24+25 previews



ep24 45sec preview:

ep24 7:18min preview:

omgggggggg. the car accident. i have to say this loss of memory is done (or i think is done solely based on this preview) better than the other versions… I’m glad Junpyo did something for Jihoo. All along it’s been Jihoo giving up Jandi for Junpyo, and now Junpyo has a chance to give up something for Jihoo. It shows that they have true friendship, because I’m assuming this car accident happens after Junpyo sees Jihoo and Jandi… and yet Junpyo’s still willing to protect Jihoo from getting hurt.

That car also seemed to be heading straight for Jihoo… I wonder who exactly was driving it… or if there’s something else going on

And… do I see Junpyo seeing that guy in the coma (who I still think is his dad… judging by Junpyo’s reaction)…

Oh and Soeul!!!!!!!!!!! Finally it’s Yijung taking the initiative… I just hope Gaeul accepts him now and they KISS instead of almost kissing ugh.


The first scene in the long preview… is I’m guessing the hospital scene. And I can’t believe Mommy Kang didn’t go in to see Junpyo… wtf… it’s your son. And I hope, like in the other versions, she can finally accept Jandi. Even though I would never be able to forgive her, at least Mommy Kang’s acceptance of Jandi will show she has some humaneness in her…

Yayyyyy. they got their house back… how i’m wondering… lol

Hahahahaha omg sooo funny when Jandi was trying to do stuff to make him remember her. This is the only good part that can come out of the memory loss storyline.

ep25 8min preview:

So… when did Jandi go back to Seoul??

Ugh that new girl. I hate hate hate that character so I can’t help just hating this girl too. Ugh with that little innocent cute act going on and tearing THE couple apart. Not that Junpyo will fall for her of course, he’s just MEANT to be with Jandi. But I hate how the writers are adding an entirely NEW storyline in the very LAST ep… I mean, why can’t they just dedicate the last episode to cute scenes between Jandi/Junpyo, Yijung/Gaeul, F4, etc…

And why does every girl in this drama (except for Junhee) have short hair……

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who the hell is that gal?
why now????
why after all they did together come this tall girl???
i hate that girl…..
i want GJP AND GJD…….
understand !!!!

Comment by kiki

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i hate junpyo

Comment by maharani

Eps 4 menurut q paling enak

Comment by Isnideka

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