SUPER JUNIOR 090327 Sorry Sorry + No. 1


And I’m glad the boys look so energetic today. As a fan of Shiwon, I noticed he changed his dance during his part; it’s not as comic and I can’t copy it anymore =( hahahaha. Also no more pelvic thrust from Donghae.

So much Super Generation. I’m waiting for fancams so they can capture more moments because their encore was sooooo short. Eeteuk teared up awwww; don’t cry leader oppa =) And they made a callout to KIBUM, HYUNGS DID IT!!!!!!!!!! (and my callout to kibum… WHERE ARE YOU???????????) And LOL Hankyung said thanks to all the Chinese fans (nice of him to do this as their SJM activities helped SJ popularity as a whole too). And the cameraman seemed to like Shiwon… there were so many shots of Shiwon just standing there hehe. But I’m happy of course~~

This is supposed to be their speech, but this time they’re almost impossible to understand ;_; babies..

Leeteuk: ah, thank you~ ah first of all thank you to teacher Lee Sooman, and president Kim Youngmin, and president Nam Soyoung(?), and composer Yoo Youngjin. And all SM TOWN people and the Super Junior staff. And to the member can watch us on TV*— Kibumah! Your hyungs did it! And–

Han Geng: this time, although preparing for 3jib in Korea was very tiring, but we know that you have always been there. Thank you China fans for all your continuous support, I’m always by your side. I love you all.

Yesung: to all Super Junior fans who have been waiting for us, thank you, I love you!

* I am not sure about this, firstly because Leader is a mess of tears and slurred words; secondly, because he cuts himself off before finishing the sentence.

Credits to La’MISS:fairy (Korean) and ゞilσvεjr⌒★ (Chinese) at

Not to mention this

LMAOOOOOO. Ah I love these boys. What Taeyeon did was cute also~~



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