SNSD 090327 Goodbye Stage – Let’s Talk About Love + Gee


HAHA. I’m both happy and sad. Nice performance. So glad to see them perform a song other than Gee and Himnae. Though I don’t like the Let’s Talk About Love performance (I do love the song), it was a breath of fresh air. And it’s a pretty hard to sing and the fact that they managed to sing it near perfectly while dancing was YAYYYY.

Gee of course still doesn’t feel old for me LOL.

And for the No.1 segment with Super Junior, it was funny how Gee is still second even after like 11 WEEKS ON THE CHARTS. So yeah… if SM decided he wanted Gee to win even more, he would’ve just postponed Super Junior and GEE WOULD’VE WON LIKE 10+ ON MUSIC BANK. But I’m glad Super Junior came back (and their win YAYYYY)

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omgshhh i cant believe that they’re going already.
ive never liked a song for more than 3 months ;x
GEE! <33333
i hope they come out again soon or imma cry :[

Comment by ilovesooyoung!

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