Junpyo and Jandi (and Chan, the kid) at the zoo~~ (they make THE CUTEST FAMILY BTW)gbn23avi_000168601

Junpyo says to Jandi that

This time, even if I have to leave my house, I’m going to protect you.

Jandi refuses his protection (why can’t she just accept it…) because she doesn’t like that she needs to be protected.


They walk home, but Junpyo is warned by Mr. Jung that Mommy Kang might be looking for him so he should go home soon. And so Junpyo leaves Jandi with Chan… but not without some goodbye stares and smiles =)

Back at the Shinhwa mansion, Mommy Kang sees Jandi/Junpyo’s date on the news. (because the reporter JUST happened to zoom in on that specific couple and Mommy Kang JUST happened to look up at the TV at the right time… but ok it’s a kdrama)


And so she starts implementing her plan. She tells Mr. Jung that she’s planning on destroying Jandi’s friends’ and loved ones’ lives now, starting with Gaeul (her dad loses his job) and Jihoo (his grandfather’s art gallery/foundation is now being taken away by Mommy Kang).gbn23avi_001155621

Then Junpyo walks into the room and says he has a proposal. If Mommy Kang leaves Jandi alone, he’ll get the deal with JK Group. Mommy Kang promises to not touch Jandi specifically (of course, it’s a loophole… she’ll just mess with her friends… gosh how can Junpyo not see through this. Mommy Kang just agreed to his conditions without hesitation).


When Jandi finds out that Gaeul’s dad lost his job, she did not initially suspect Mommy Kang.


Instead, she heads to the F4 gathering room (?) where she overhears Yijung and Woobin talking about both Gaeul’s father’s job loss and Mommy Kang’s plan to take over the Yoon art foundation.


Now aware that Mommy Kang was behind all this, the only solution she can think of is to leave Seoul. She says goodbye to Jihoo and grandpa Yoon. Of course she doesn’t outrightly say goodbye but she treasures this last meeting with Jihoo and grandpa Yoon.gbn23avi_001647512

She puts on a smile, and obviously wants to spend some time with Jihoo and grandpa Yoon. But grandpa tells Jihoo and Jandi to go out themselves (matchmaking… but last episode grandpa said Jihoo/Jandi were not a good match). Unbeknownst to grandpa, this is his last meeting with Jandi and he cuts it short himself…

So, now Jandi says an inner goodbye to Jihoo. It’s really a beautiful scene and I feel so bad for both of them. Jandi, because she’s forced to leave such a good friend, and Jihoo, because now he, who already cannot be with Jandi, can’t even see the person he loves.


This piano scene was amazing =)



Then they head outside, where Jihoo tells Jandi that

I never thought I would ever have something that I wanted to protect. But ever since I met you, I’ve gotten some things: Grandpa, the clinic, the foundation, and… you.


Sunbae, you didn’t know did you? You were always like sunshine to me, sunbae. Bye, Geum Jandi’s honorable firefighter.


She also says goodbye to the guy in the coma (AKA JUNPYO’S DAD… or maybe not)


I’m really good at putting up with hunger… and the cold too. But there’s one thing that I can’t put up with at all. It’s those that I love having a hard time because of me.

Back at the Shinhwa manor, Mr. Jung informs Mommy Kang that Jandi is here… and Mommy Kang is surprised Jandi is here so soon (what? you thought she was stupid enough to NOT realize it was you?)


We don’t get to see what Jandi says to her. The next scene is Jandi stomping through the house. She meets the maids who still look up to her and they claim that they’ll always be on Jandi’s side. She also meets the grandma, who is really sweet to her, and tells Jandi that Junpyo is in his room.

And so… FUNNIEST SCENE. Jandi starts yelling outside Junpyo’s door “Junpyo, let’s go play” (I couldnt’ help taking this the wrong way LOL).

Inside the room, Junpyo is like greatttt, now I even hear Jandi’s voice. And then suddenly, he realizes that Jandi is in fact really outside his door.


He tries to shut her up, but she keeps yelling so he drags her into his room, where she tells him “Let’s go on a picnic” (referencing the scene in the shack in the skiing resort, when she said that they should go on a picnic, just the two of them; and the lunchbox that she promised to make for Junpyo YAYYYY)


Words cannot describe how cute this date is =)


I liked the next scene so much, I’ll just write out the entire dialogue…

Junpyo: Isn’t this how they say it feels like on your birthday or when you win the lottery? 

Jandi: You like it that much?

Junpyo: Yeah, I wish everyday was like today. Think about it… You asked me to go on a date, we didn’t fight all day…

Jandi: That’s right.

Junpyo: Since you’re going all out, can I ask for one more favor?

Jandi: What is it?

Junpyo: How come you haven’t said that you like me yet? I’ve already said it a couple of times.

Jandi: Do you actually need to hear those words?

Junpyo: I wanna hear it… exactly what kind of person I am to you.

Jandi: I like you. No matter how hard I try not to like you… no matter how hard I try to erase you… I like you so much that I get upset with myself for not being able to do that.



On the drive back, Junpyo’s just so adorable and happy =)


And Jandi thinks back to her conversation with Mommy Kang.


Jandi said that if Mommy Kang left Gaeul and Jihoo alone, she would leave her home, friends, school, and Junpyo. Mommy Kang of course accepts this. But Jandi has more to say.

Of all the people I’ve met, you’re the worst. I’m leaving because I don’t want the people I love to have anything to do with you. It’s just heartbreaking that I can’t save the person I love most from you.

Jandi tells Junpyo to stop the car (near a bus stop) and she gets out to get her luggage.

OMG this scene… I can’t even write about it without crying.

Junpyo is still not registering this situation so he jokes about her luggage… asking if she’s preparing some kind of a surprise event.


She tells him that she’s not going to see him anymore, that this is her last day with him. Of course he’s surprised and he thinks she’s joking. When she assures him she’s not joking, he asks if Mommy Kang did something again… but Jandi is bent on making Junpyo think she’s leaving out of her own free will.


Jandi: I’m prepared to take you out of my life.

Junpyo: Geum Jandi.

Jandi: Thanks for everything. Have a good life.

Junpyo: Why are you being this way? You said you liked me. You said it yourself not long ago, so why… It’s because of that old hag again, right?

Jandi: No, it’s because of me.

Junpyo: What?

Jandi: I’ve realized now. That you and I are from different worlds. Though we met in some dream as if it was destiny, it’s time that we return to our own worlds.

Junpyo: That’s a lie. You’re lying to me now. Say it. I’ll fix it. I’ll watch over you!

And as Jandi walks towards the incoming bus…


JunpyoDon’t leave! You said that you liked me. Is this what your love is worth? How can you end it so easily after you said you liked me?

Jandi: Maybe this is exactly how much it was worth. No matter how much I liked you, maybe this was all I could put up with.

Junpyo: Say it! Aside from being Shinhwa’s heir and a plutocrat, have you ever thought of me as just a guy?

Jandi: No. No matter how much you struggle against it, you’re still Shinhwa Group’s Gu Junpyo. I never forgot that, not even for a minute.

As Jandi boards the bus and the bus starts moving, Junpyo runs behind it screaming Jandi. And Jandi’s crying (SO WHY NOT GO BACK TO HIM?? … so sad)

Since I started liking you, I’ve always wished that you were a normal guy, who had nothing to do with Shinhwa or being a plutocrat. I’m sorry for not being able to keep our promise, Gu Junpyo. I’m really sorry.


Back at the Yoon residence, Jihoo and Grandpa Yoon come back home, expecting a warm welcome from Jandi… but all they find is a goodbye letter she wrote, saying thanks to both of them.


We find out where Jandi is headed: to the place her parents are staying.


I really didn’t like the following scenes so I won’t have any screencaps for them. Basically, the villagers are bugging Jandi’s mom about unpaid debts and her claim that her daughter (Jandi) is Junpyo’s fiancee. They all think she’s bluffing until Jandi actually shows up with the Shinhwa school’s uniform in her luggage and then everyone starts sucking up to Jandi’s family MAJORLY. Jandi’s dad isn’t home because he’s on a fishing boat… So yeah… basically Jandi’s giving up life with Junpyo for life with this stinking (literally) fishing villagers…


Jihoo/Grandpa Yoon:

This storyline was very interconnected with the main Jandi/Junpyo storyline which I liked =)

After her zoo date with Junpyo, Jandi, Jihoo, and Grandpa Yoon go on a fishing trip. Jandi doesn’t fish, she just cooks for them.


Grandpa Yoon again reminisces about the aftermath of Jihoo’s parents’ deaths. Apparently, it was a terrorist thing but Grandpa claimed that it was caused by Jihoo, who placed his hands over his father’s eyes. Grandpa lied about that because he didn’t want to start a war over Jihoo’s parents’ deaths… (pretty lame excuse imo). So Grandpa’s been feeling guilty all along… Grandpa asks Jihoo to take over the clinic and the art foundation, citing his parents’ ideology, which I find very beautiful

It was your father and mother’s dream to fix a person’s heart with art and to fix a person’s disease with medicine.

And that’s kinda it for Jihoo/Grandpa’s story… Grandpa has a heart attack or something after he gets a call from someone about Shinhwa’s attempt to take over the art foundation… and so Jihoo finds out about Grandpa’s illness…



Yay… finally some closure on this storyline


Yijung thinks back to his birthday (… 3/4 years ago I’m guessing) with Eunjae, who gave him the jigsaw puzzle as a birthday present. 


Yijung asks what the inscription says and Eunjae says it means “a once in a lifetime meeting”… oh gosh kdrama significance again. Right at that moment, Gaeul comes rushing in (ummm does she have the key to his house or something…) and YAY SOEUL HUG. She tells him she finally found it.


She takes him up to the top of a building and as the sun rises, the following message can be seen: 사랑해 이정 meaning I love you Yijung.


He cries out that he’s an idiot and that Eunjae gave him too hard a problem to solve… But I’m guessing though this scene has connotations that he’s regretful of what happened in the past, he’s finally ready to put his first love aside and be with … someone else (HINT HINT GAEUL).


The next day (or later… idk), Yijung calls Gaeul… and she again goes in the house without knocking… so what is the door always open or does she have the key?? eh w/e what happens after totally block this question out. He says he has good and bad news and asks which one she wants to hear first. Before she answers, he guesses bad news first because nice girls like happy endings.


Bad news: he won’t be as good as before. Good news: he’s going back to pottery (all because of Gaeul… hehe). He asks her to join in his activity of… I don’t know what… molding something… (i never did pottery…). And when she loses her balance (ah kdramas again), he catches her.


He tells her that he’s a cool guy but definitely not a good guy. And she says that he should stop thinking that all the nice girls want good guys … IE SHE WANTS A BAD BOY IE YIJUNG. hehe

AND OMG ALMOST KISS… but to be ruined (indirectly) by Mommy Kang


Gaeul gets a phone call from her mom saying that her dad was fired (because of Mommy Kang). Gosh so all in all this episode was all about the repercussions of Mommy Kang’s evil little plans to get rid of Jandi… and get rid of Junpyo’s happiness… and make herself happy. But I just don’t understand… how can being successful in this world, but with no love and friendships, make someone happy…………………………

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love it!!!!…but rumors has it that JP will lose his memory in ep 24??..why so late in the drama???

Comment by diviney87

love it!!!!…but rumors has it that JP will lose his memory in ep 24??..why so late in the drama???
PS: Forgot to mention good post!

Comment by diviney87

I liked the part when they had a nice picnic.

Comment by Gim Chae Lin


Comment by BAKUALI

what an amazing drama! thank u so much for posting this… when will u post the next 2 episodes???? i am very eager to watch them.. 🙂 recently kbs world is not airing in india.. i really miss this drama “BOYS OVER FLOWERS” so iam watching this drama through your posts… thank u so…….. much again. 🙂

Comment by nehe

hey der…m a fan of this series from india…we r having some telicast problem here…i would like to request you 2 start the telicastin this series again in india…its a heartly request…we r dieng 2 watch junpyo…please please please…i will look forward for a reply…n hope it will be a possitive one…please give a thought 2 this request…thank u…

Comment by dhara

HAHAHA. hope theirs a 2nd season of this kdrama 🙂

Comment by go kim bum!

Hi! Thank you for posting this. I have watched the whole series even before reading this but because of your post, it helped me remember the times when I was crying my eyes out while watching. Thank you!

PS: I’m trying hard to learn how to read, write and speak Korean because of this drama. 🙂

Comment by Loren

duh gw sneng bget ma flim boys befour flower gw gk bakal lewatin dch filmnya apa lg cowonya yg ganteng gw harap smoga sukses dchhh dran bkin film terbaru ya ^_^

Comment by siska


Comment by ariunsan erka

gw pnggmr flm bots before flower lho,,,
mdah”a mkin sukses n bsa tyang lgi di..

Comment by veyz ajha

gw pnggmr flm boys before flower lho,,,
mdah”an tmbh sukses aja n bsa tyang lgi…

Comment by veyz ajha

gw pnggmr flm boys before flower lho,,,
mdah”an mkin sukses n bsa tyang lgi….

Comment by veyz ajha

gw pnggmr flm boys before flower lho,,,
mdah”an mkin sukses n bsa (^_~)

Comment by veyz ajha

i’m, really say welcome to boys before flower
the actor n actris so cute

Comment by susi susanti

Hi…kiM bum,qu ska banget aCtingx kM,s0 sWeet bnget DeH..

Comment by NhiLa

il ove u from tiffany

Comment by harold

eonnjena i-reoke useoyo nan
nan jeoldae nunmureun bo-igo sipjin anchyo
nae mameul moreuneun geudaerado

Comment by nha

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