I don’t have a time for a full recap, just comments.

I have to say, with all the hype surrounding these last few episodes, I was a bit disappointed with ep22. Yes, it was cute, and the reunion between Jandi/Junpyo FINALLY happened but I thought that reunion was not done very well…

1. the kidnapping thing… it seemed like it was nothing to Jandi… when she was seen being led out of the elevator by Chen, she just seemed so calm… what?? you’ve just been kidnapped!!!

2. Jandi didn’t do anything for Junpyo so far. It’s always been Junpyo taking the initiative, and I seriously wanna see Jandi do something other than stand back and have Junpyo come to her.

3. the hug scene … also seemed like nothing. it was the REUNION OF JUN-DI and thought I did smile at the cuteness… eh I just felt like it could’ve been done so much better.kkot22-032

4. the music in the dinner date/dancing scene sucked. gosh it just really ruined it for me. i expected to watch this scene jumping up and down, and in reality, I just smiled and it was kinda anti-climactic for me… the kiss made it up a bit for me but IT LASTED WAY TOO SHORT =(

5. I feel like Jaekyung was the reason this reunion happened. It would’ve been nice to see Junpyo/Jandi to have been the ones responsible for this reunion. Though the plot was supposed to have Jaekyung perform this act of sacrifice, I don’t like it as much.

The good thing about this episode was that for at least 10min (actually maybe less… LOL), everyone was genuinely HAPPY!!!kkot22-0941kkot22-100kkot22-096

And I like that Jaekyung FINALLY exited this drama. Though I must say, in this episode,  I loved her!!!! She just seemed so sweet, but not overly fine with the situation (since obviously she’s not). It was bittersweet: she was both happy for Junpyo as well as regretful that she did not get her man.

The Yijung/Gaeul storyline is starting to bore me. Not that couple, just the whole story with his first love… All the viewers know that it’s going to lead up to Soeul couple, so why drag the first love thing sooooo long.

One obvious additional storyline introduced in this episode was the old man in coma/Jandi taking care of him. (maybe I’m the only one who thinks this…) but isn’t it just obvious the old man’s Junpyo’s dad and that somehow Jandi will gain his dad’s love and approval, which will override Mommy Kang’s disapproval and then yay happy ending…kkot22-149

But nice to see Woobin to have a bit more of a part in this episode, still not plotwise though…


And the best part imo was the ZOO SCENE. Omg, the little boy was beyond cute, but I think Junpyo’s attempt to get Jandi’s attention just trumped that little boy’s cuteness.kkot22-222


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I think the same also, I think that she’s taking care of Jun-Pyo’s dad.

Comment by Jayce

I really really like those gays

Comment by nada

I was disappointed with the reunion of JD/JP as well. I wished there was more dialogue – Didn’t JanDi have any questions for JunPyo? Like, how did the wedding get called off; why did you push me away in Macau, why did you kiss JaeKyung, etc.

I think the writing needs better quality work, especially in these last episodes where the viewer wants things resolved without any misunderstandings left between people.
And lastly, I wish JanDi would just say she love JP –to him–and not indirectly to his mommy. Say to him how much she loves him, how he makes her feel, to what extent she loves him, what she loves about him, etc.

Comment by sasha3

oh yeah i agree. everything seems a little bit rushed now… b/c they’re trying to fit so many storylines (and start a new one…) into 3 eps…

Comment by soshee

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