BOYS OVER FLOWERS Jandi/Junpyo Date Pictures



So… you know how Mommy Kang is super duper mad at Jandi for breaking up the Jaekyung/Junpyo wedding? Well, she’ll take it out on Jandi’s friends this time and so Jandi will leave Junpyo for the sake of her friends. She plans a Farewell Date with Junpyo. ALL SMILES, NO ARGUEMENTS, SHE SAYS “I LIKE YOU”, THEY KISS, THE PERFECT DATE. Except of course, she’s going to leave right after… ugh



20090322_joonpyo_4±¸ÁØÇ¥-±ÝÀܵðÀÇ ¹Ì¼Ò


for more pictures (and where to next stalk minho… lol): click here


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so touching kisses

Comment by linmamie

hoy sweet nyo nman poh pwede poh bng ako nlng

Comment by katherine

ang arte moh kire akn lng xa thatz mineok mghanap ka nlang

Comment by jhuter

hmmm…… mas gwapo ko yung shinee kaysa BOF kasi si minho i like her at si taemin so sweet talaga ni minho ……… i like her very much

Comment by JENI


Comment by kibumnous*trisa

omg! I love boys over flowers! DOes junpyo really like jandi?

Comment by jacqueline

………. i think oo naman kasi there kissing palang nakilig na si jun pyo….. tapos yung nurse filling nya jun pyo likes her………i dont like the nurse shes so filler talaga as in very very filler tlaga i dont like……..ewwwww ang ewwwwww ng nurse

Comment by JENI

oh so sweet this couple..
I wrilly want have boyfriends likes Gu Jun Pyo and after I see this image I think LMH and GHS can be couple someday because they both was so seration in here and in real life..
Don’t you have sam think likes me?

Comment by lely

i really like gu jun pyo, i like a man who’s dont show his feelings,and a little bit shy, but sweet,and more surpricing, i hope in a real person gu jun pyo is also sweet.

Comment by arlene


Comment by CARYL

they are so sweet like a chocolate….!
..Im so jealous/…

Comment by khaye

marry me jun pyo

Comment by jessa amor

i saw this part…. i started crying… i cant belive that jun pyo really luved her and was messed up when she left him…… i want them to be together for the rest of thier lives…..

Comment by jeeyeon

…jan di & jun pyo bagay tlaga kyo !!!
…boys oveer flowers forever no.1 !!!

Comment by jinky

wow ur really match in each other
i love boys over flowers

Comment by maria alicia

woooooo grabe ang sweetttttt. . . . .

Comment by chris jane

;>w0w aman ang sweet tlga nlang dlwa bgay na bgay tlga sila.
ang ganda ganda ni jandi at sobrang gwapo tlga ni jun pyo

Comment by khat

i really like this couple….love you gu jun pyo

Comment by kristine

hello! i love jun pyo and jandi. really!

Comment by mary joy

gu jun pyo… huhuh ur so handsome… also guam jan di.. so cute! heheheh really love this couple! sobraaaaaaaaaa!

Comment by mary joy


Comment by AIRA



Comment by sarah

i love you lee min ho sna mka punta ka dto sa pampanga sa san juan mexico pamp. i love u hihintayin kta

Comment by cedez

.duh gujung vyo cok” banget ce Ma jandi

Comment by ticka

andai sby menang aq wez ciuman podo kowe pyo

Comment by jijung

watashi wa endang desu ,im from indonesian, i like korean movie and lee min ho i love u so much……………god bless u

Comment by endang

d kau tao d kau hayop… bgay kayo super bagay!!!! hehehehehe

Comment by grace


Comment by irma

junpyo is so cute

Comment by ajeng

jun pyo i love you

Comment by ajeng

plz act as gujung pyo in all movies u look handsome in curly hair plz.

Comment by kajol

I love u

Comment by kajol

boys b4 flower is my fav movie.

Comment by kajol

ji hoo is also cool.

Comment by kajol

ewwww i dont like ji hoo because he is so seriuos but i like kim bum i like her dimples very very cute…..,,,,,

Comment by JENI

hi wazzzzz up?jung pyo

Comment by kajol

you are berry cute

Comment by jesiemy c. abalos

PLGE K yan pinanood gbi2x ur so bagay whrever u put npkgwapo mo wlang kpntay bagay kayo ni jandi sana magk2luyan kayo 4ever eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……………….hhhhhhhhhh

Comment by JEB


Comment by JEB

sana magka2luyan kayong dalawa ha!!!!!everyday me plage nagwatch sa BOF HINDI KO YAN PNLAMPAS MGALIT ME pag hndi nkpanood i tell u franklie ur so cute and handsome guy hope ipagp2loy nyo ang BOF EH CNTINUE NYO DHIL marami ang nag-abang sa inyo

Comment by JEB

sana magkita tayo ng personal if i finished my study there i promised myself that i wll see you in personal and your appearance also i love you so much bagay kayo ni jandi 4ever and ever

Comment by JEB

so cute couple ever!!!!:P

Comment by pachhya

awww junpyo your so kute… i love ur smile…

Comment by shelly

haixt grabe kakabaliw ang BOF
sayang bitin hahahahaha
sna my continue/part2
ang gnda kc eh kakaadik!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sana aq nlng ung partner n junpyo hahahaha jowk
ang sw8 nlng tgnan weh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Comment by jenny michel manalang

aku kelakar tengok nasi gambar junpyo sebab tengok dia rambut keringting macam aku jagak………….

Comment by sabmerin

hi im living in korean but now i now how to speak tagalog and english……………………………mayashaya narahishomyun narin na gu jun pyo hirosharamahara ustiya arigato…………,,,,

Comment by JENI

real couple!!!jan di is very cute!,,.,also jun pyo!u luk handsome n curly hair!more poweeer!

Comment by riza mae gutierrez

jandi and junpyo are so sweet i like jandi and junpyo are married

Comment by aisha

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