BOYS OVER FLOWERS Jandi/Junpyo pictures =)))


AHHHH OMGGG *spazzz*

I’m so glad that they will have some romantic scenes together… there has seriously been a lack of cute Jun-di scenes in the past 8 episodes.

ugh if Jandi could just take off that jacket …



I hope Jihoo won’t be too sad. Maybe he’ll find someone as well and we have a happy ending for all!!!


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.i sooo sooo love junpyoo. 🙂
. && i soo love the movie too. 🙂

Comment by iishaaa

I wish If I was Jandi ……..but she Is so so cute

Comment by nada

tis drama success due 2 all main roles are talented in acting …
F4 korean version is the best n so classy well off~`
compared wif taiwan n japanese~~
korean are the best

tis year 2009 will grtting bEST AWARDS 4 DRAMA N BEST ACTOR ALSO ACTRESS… also popularity drama~`

best of luck

Comment by linmamie

both are loving couple and best pair~~

matching couple~~
doesn’t matter the gap of thier age~`
as long they are awesome couple~~

there alots of ppls outside there
agreed they are sooo matching couple

Comment by linmamie

lee min ho / koo hye sun are so cute pair~~

Comment by linmamie

LMH is handsome actor / KHS is super beauty actress….
their kisses so touching^^

tis yr 4 them best actor n best actress~`

jesus blessings them(both)

Comment by linmamie


Comment by BAKUALI

I like Jandi and Jihoo better than I like Jandi and Junpyo…I’m only on episode 6 though, so that may be why. But I just can’t forgive Junpyo for what he did to the poor kid in the first episode and for his mean tricks on Jandi in the beginning!

Comment by Sprinkles

jan di,,ur very beautiful i like u…

Comment by gwen alyza

hai..jan di ur very pretty…i like u very much….and ur so cute….

Comment by gwen alyza

ilove you jun pyo

Comment by jessa amor

love you junpyo!!!!!!!!

Comment by stac

…’i love your kissing scene in this episode…

tnx 4 the great scene… take care…

Comment by hazel

ang landi nyo no

Comment by jassen

you two are cute whene you are kissing but i if i saw personaly doing that all the people in the philipines are so happy for that so if i please you to visit us her

Comment by madelyn

ang sweet naman nila..hehe

Comment by shei

Um.. My name is jandi lol. Jandi hohle actually:)

Comment by Jandi

your so sw8 naman nakakakilig kyong dlawa. . .

Comment by sam

kilig mommet in bof boys over flowers how i love jandi love jun pyo not jandi love ji hoo

Comment by jassen

i love jandi. i want to know her real name

Comment by eee


Comment by sittienor

best cngat cterw krea niey…sh4sh4 ckerw ngok cterw2 krea niey….bub mamat krea niey encem2…n minah2 krea lak cun2….huhuk5…wah jandi n gunpyo so romantic…i luv u so much……………

Comment by sh4sh4_epUl

hay naku jun pyo maikiss lang kita d na ako mag-aasawa…. luv u sooooooooooooo muuuuuuchhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by janine

wei korang suka tengok cite korea ni an ,aku pun sama macam korang la…tapi aku lagi suka Jun pyo dengan Jan di..korang macam mana lak ?

Comment by sabmerin

i hate this

Comment by nha

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