SUPER JUNIOR 090320 KBS Music Bank – Sorry Sorry


What’s with Music Bank and flashing lights… I can’t see their faces =((


LMAO. LMAO. LMAO. HEECHUL. KIBUM. LMAO. I just can’t stop laughing. Ahh I love Heechul’s imitation of Kibum. BUT I ALSO WANT KIBUM BACK!!!

Mubank Ranking & Encore:

Wow… Davichi had two songs going for No.1… And they won No.1 over Gee. I’m actually glad that they did. Now, Gee has 9 WINS FOR 9 MEMBERS. SNSD JJANG!!! And Davichi’s song 8282 definitely deserved to win. It’s soooo catchy.
2:00 – Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry at #8. It’s great for only the second week after comeback but Gee was #1 on Mubank and Inkigayo on the second week… and I thought Sorry Sorry was #1 second week as well… Oh well. I hope they win next week. OR THIS WEEK ON INKIGAYO.


And also… I’m so sad that there are no more Gee performances =(((
I always look forward to them every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. But now Super Junior can replace that void =)


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