Most touching scene of this episode, if not all of BOF.

This episode was AMAZING!!!!!! I still felt annoyed when I was watching it just because Jandi and Junpyo didn’t have much scenes together. But it was one of the best BOF episodes. I wouldn’t categorize it “sad”, more poignant/touching. This episode nicely sets up what’s to come: Jaekyung sacrificing her marriage with Junpyo for him/her friendship with Jandi. But this episode also proved that Jaekyung will never ever fully sacrifice her love for Junpyo; she’ll still harbor her affections toward Junpyo as well as a bit of jealousy and animosity towards Jandi. But she will definitely give up her place with Junpyo for Jandi.

So recap: Jandi/Junpyo/Jaekyung story

It starts with the scene where Jaekyung walks into Junpyo and Jandi on the bed. AWKWARD. And Junpyo’s expression is ♥. He’s just like… oh shit…


And what makes it worse is what comes next… MOMMY KANG WALKING IN. 


I can’t believe there was no warning of her coming in… I mean wouldn’t the granny have told Junpyo/Jandi about Mommy Kang’s return the day before… But her entrance certainly surprised me. She’s just utterly speechless and demands to know who let this kind of “spiteful person” into her house. And granny proclaims, it was her.


GO GRANNY! Mommy Kang can’t do anything about this (for once in her life) since the late CEO of Shinhwa stated that Granny has full control over who’s employed in the Shinhwa mansion. Granny calls Jandi outside and as Jandi exits, Mommy Kang just has this disgusted look on her face when Jandi goes past her, LOL.


Granny tells Jandi in another room that she helped her for Junpyo. Granny apparently owes a lot to the Gu family and is repaying her debt (not moneywise debt) by helping Junpyo. Granny says that she worried a lot about Junpyo when she was away, that he would become overly violent. But when she returned, he changed, and she believes it’s all due to Jandi’s presence. So she’s following her gut instinct that Jandi is the one for Junpyo.


Jandi returns to her room, and then Jaekyung comes and talks to her.


I knew Jaekyung wasn’t going to yell at Jandi for lying, and she didn’t. Jaekyung said that she understood Jandi’s difficult situation but also said that since she was Jandi’s friend before she was Junpyo’s fiancee, Jandi shouldv’e told Jaekyung about her situation. I just couldn’t believe everything coming out of Jaekyung’s mouth. I felt that she was outwardly being understanding, but deep inside, she was a bit annoyed, or even angered, by Jandi’s betrayal and outright lie. And Jaekyung’s next words seemed to confirm my suspicion, when she says that she won’t be giving up on Junpyo, that she’ll try even harder. To me, Jaekyung does like Jandi as a friend but when push comes to shove, she’ll choose love over friendship. For now, she’s adhering to Junpyo’s (and her) principle that one must keep both love and friendship.

After her talk with Jandi, Jaekyung pays a visit to Mommy Kang, who likes Jaekyung a lot (probably b/c of Jaekyung’s family background…).


Mommy Kang tells Jaekyung that she’ll get rid of Jandi but Jaekyung (b/c she does treat Jandi as a friend) asks Mommy Kang to leave Jandi alone. This is where I enjoy, but at the same time hate, Jaekyung’s complex character. To her, Jandi is a true friend, and so she would want the best for Jandi (giving her the opportunity to remain in the Shinhwa mansion), but she also does not feel comfortable with Jandi in the house, so close to Junpyo.

And so… Jaekyung announces at dinner (or lunch… idk) that she’s moving in and that she’s going to study how to be a wife. This way, she can achieve both of her motives: allowing Jandi a place to stay, and keeping an eye on Jandi and Junpyo. Jaekyung chooses the opportune moment to announce this, as Jandi is also at the table, serving Junpyo.


At tea later, Mommy Kang hands Junpyo a wedding invitation (I think…) for his wedding with Jaekyung (obviously, but I WANT JANDI AND JUNPYO LOL).


Mommy Kang, Jaekyung’s parents, and Jaekyung have agreed to push up the wedding date. They’ve also arranged for Junpyo and Jaekyung to film a CF together for a Shinhwa cellphone. (And they discuss all this with Jandi present… WTF) Of course, Junpyo rejects this, the CF and and wedding. However, Mommy Kang reminds him of “give and take” and sneaks a glance at Jandi, indicating that she’ll destroy her if he refuses to get married.


Junpyo’s literally being cornered into doing this by Mommy Kang, and Jaekyung knows this. Nevertheless, Jaekyung doesn’t do anything about it, b/c by following Mommy Kang’s plan, she fulfills her own plan of being friends with Jandi and being the wife of Junpyo (I get her logic… but that doesn’t mean I agree with it… ugh)

When Jandi goes back to her room, Jaekyung calls her out again so that Jaekyung can…


show Jandi her wedding dress… WTF??? Ok I’m trying to understand Jaekyung here. She’s wants Jandi to be a true friend and be happy for her, but I know that she also takes delight in rubbing it in… since she also decides to show off her ring… Maybe Jaekyung is trying to be a true friend, but SHE’S ACTUALLY NOT. And worst of all… SHE ASKS JANDI TO BE HER BRIDESMAID. I’m so ready to kill Jaekyung.

The next day at the CF shooting, Jaekyung is looking pretty… but Junpyo is both not looking attractive (what’s with his outfit) and not looking interested.


When Junpyo sees the CF on TV, with F4, he gets so angry. And this time, Jihoo doesn’t offer any helpful pieces of advice, merely saying that only Junpyo can figure the solution to this predicament out…


Junpyo rips up the wedding invitation and stalks out.

At the porridge restaurant, Gaeul tries to comfort Jandi. But this situation is just too much… Jandi sees the CF with Junpyo/Jaekyung and sadly says that “that, there is his future”. 


As the day of the wedding nears, F3 and Jandi and Gaeul (why Gaeul… maybe b/c she’s kinda sorta friends with Jaekyung) fly off to Jeju Island.



Jihoo tells Junpyo that Jandi came along, and Junpyo wonders what is more ridiculous: the fact that monkey asked Jandi to be her bridesmaid or that Jandi accepted (why did Jandi accept btw… I would’ve just slapped Jaekyung in the face and walked off). Jihoo reminds Junpyo who’s having the hardest time (of course  Jandi).

Then… the Jaekyung/Jandi talk. Ugh this scene annoyed me so much.


Jaekyung thanks Jandi for coming. And then she says

I know that Jandi and Junpyo used to love each other a lot.

No… even now, you guys still love each other a lot.

Finally, Jaekyung tells Jandi and apologizes for pretending not to know. However, Jaekyung also says

It’s not that didn’t tell me, it’s that you couldn’t.

And even if you had told me, nothing would’ve changed.

If I were to choose the two most important people to me,

I would choose Gu Junpyo and Geum Jandi.

For the pain I’ve caused you, Jandi,

I promise I’ll repay it my whole life.

I don’t see any sincerity in Jaekyung’s words… She does feel bad to an extent, but the fact that she still chooses Junpyo/love over Jandi/friendship, even though she says that she would choose both, highlights that she does not actually value love and friendship equally. She is willing to pursue her own selfish goals even though it means taking away Jandi’s happiness forever.

F4 go play soccer, but due to Junpyo’s violent ways, F3 stop playing and Junpyo is left playing alone on the field. Yijung comments that he probably wants to tire himself out. 


Jaekyung searches for Junpyo and finds him on the porch.


Junpyo wakes up and is like OMG. haha. Jaekyung tells him to go down, the adults are waiting.


Junpyo and Jaekyung join Jaekyung’s parents and Mommy Kang at the table.


As Jandi and Jihoo are going down in the elevator, they see Junpyo with the adults and Jaekyung.


And Junpyo sees Jandi as well.


But Jandi quickly turns away… =(

Junhee stops by to see Junpyo…


and asks him “how much he’s willing to go through”… I don’t really get her question… but then she starts talking about how she couldn’t give up her money, status, title for the person she loved, a parallel to the situation Junpyo is in now… Though I didn’t entirely understand this scene, I liked that it showed the similarity between Junhee’s past situation and Junpyo’s current one. Maybe the scene is trying to draw attention to the fact that Junpyo won’t make the same “mistake” as Junhee.



Later that night, Junpyo calls Jihoo out.Junpyo asks Jihoo to punch him, which Jihoo does, somewhat reluctantly. Junpyo probably wanted to prepare Jihoo for what he was going to say next.

Jandi, I can’t let her go

Meanwhile, Jaekyung asks Jandi for help on deciding between dresses. And Jaekyung doesn’t let Jandi just say “they’re all pretty”. She calls Jandi her “bff” and says bff’s need to be blunt and honest… WTF JAEKYUNG, WHEN DID JANDI EVER AGREE TO BE YOUR BFF????


Just then, Jaekyung gets a text from Junpyo asking to see her… and she knows it’s not good news.

AND… MY FAVORITE SCENE. Jaekyung sees Junpyo at the wedding chapel.


Trying to lighten the atmosphere, she pretends to be doing the wedding vows but she doesn’t get an “I do” from Junpyo, who isn’t joking.


Junpyo tells Jaekyung …

There’s a girl that I like. She’s the first girl since I was born.

And from now on, it’ll always be that girl, until I die.

Jaekyung has no choice now but to reveal that she’s known all along that it was Jandi. But even knowing that, she wants to try even harder to make Junpyo love her, Jaekyung. And that’s when Junpyo kneels down and begs Jaekyung to stop the wedding… for him, if not for Jandi.


He asks her to forgvie her, but she refuses.

No matter what’s in the past, we’re going to promise that we’ll only love one another from then to forever. So you don’t need to asks for my forgiveness. Nor do I need to give you forgiveness.


This scene was just amazing… Junpyo who has never kneeled down before anyone before is willing to kneel down for Jandi, demonstrating both his love for Jandi as well as the fact that he has matured and now does not selfishly chase after his own goals (being with Jandi) at the expense of hurting someone else (Jaekyung).

The day of the wedding, Jaekyung sits alone nervously and Junpyo is in his dressing room with the most pained and unfortunate expression on his face.


He asks Woobin to break his arm, so that he can get out of the wedding. Luckily (or maybe unluckily), Jandi comes in and stops them. 


She tells him that using these methods to run away from reality is cowardly. If he runs away like this, it (the wedding… i’m guessing) will happen all over again later. Junpyo walks over to Jandi and asks her

Then tell me not to do it. Tell me not to leave.

And Jandi says nothing.




Meanwhile, the Jandi/Jihoo/grandpa storyline:


They go fishing, during which Grandpa gives Jihoo his mother’s ring and also apologizes for taking away his mother. Ugh… Kim Hyunjoong just can’t cry. At least his face is tilted away so we can’t exactly see the lack of tears.


Jandi gets a call from her parents and is worried that they are sick… Just then she also gets a call from Grandpa Yoon telling her to meet him. When she goes, she bumps into Jihoo, and they realize Grandpa set them up together =)


They see a wedding photo contest, and the second prize is HEALTH FOOD. And sensing that Jandi wants that prize, Jihoo suggests that they enter the contest, hence the wedding photos.


They’re easily the most popular couple and win the first prize, a trip to Jeju Island… Again sensing Jandi’s dissatisfication, he asks the second place couple to trade prizes. And Jandi hugs Jihoo out of happiness… maybe the only time in the episode we see her smile


Back at home, Jihoo looks at the wedding photos, as well as his mother’s ring, probably contemplating whether he should propose to Jandi.


When Jandi and Jihoo are at Jeju Island, Jihoo tells Jandi that

Ever since I met you, there’s only one thing I hoped for.

That you’ll become happy. And that you won’t cry.

I’m scared that if tommorrow passes, you may not be able to smile again.


She refuses his handkerchief… gosh what might that mean… kdrama significance is so… in our faces all the time. Anyways, it’s probably starting from now that Jihoo will begin letting go of Jandi for the sake of Junpyo and Jandi’s happiness, AN EXAMPLE OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP AND LOVE (watch carefully, Jaekyung)


Last storyline, Gaeul/Yijung/Eunjae:

Yijung sees Eunjae and his brother… acting intimately.


Yijung calls his brother and their phone conversation implies that Yijung might be willing to give up Eunjae, his first love, for his brother’s happiness, ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF TRUE FRIENDSHIP (WELL BROTHERLY LOVE) AND LOVE (again, Jaekyung, look!!).


I’m surprised Yijung’s brother didn’t see THE BRIGHT ORANGE CAR that Yiijung was sitting in… LOL.

At Jeju Island, Gaeul remembers her talk with Eunjae, during which Eunjae told her that she confessed on Valentine’s Day (to Yijung) but she wasn’t able to get through to him. Gaeul, when talking to Yijung, tells him that it’s surprising arranged marriages still exist. When asked if that’s the fate that awaits him, Yijung plays it off cool, shrugging it off with “I don’t know”. Gaeul admonishes him for being so irresponsible with his one and only life and asks him what happened on Valentine’s Day three years ago (… probably something Eunjae said)


THE END. GREAT EPISODE…. I think the above comments are more than enough… this recap took me like 3 hours … LOL


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Ahh~ that was a good summary~ I agree with you how you said that JaeKyung isn’t as annoying as the other fiances’ in the other versions. Cos’ in the Japanese version I just really want to slap her so much.

JaeKyung is really nice cos she shows how good JunPyo is and how hard it is to let go of him. A good reason to backstab your so-called BFF – not.

I can’t wait for next week’s episode – I really want to see how the wedding goes.
I just want JanDi to burst in and say ‘STOP!’ and give JaeKyung a slap.

Comment by Kumiko__x3

Haha,you got it all wrong!JaeKyung said that she don’t want to marry Jun Pyo.(DFake..)Jan Di can’t come cuz the president(Jun Pyo’s mum)order her ppl to capture Jan Di during the wedding ceremony..

Comment by Jacqueline Jade

um yeah thats the next episode. but i was writing for this episode and in this episode, jaekyung still wants to marry junpyo and we dont find out the whole jandi kidnapping thing……..

Comment by soshee

[…] soshee placed an interesting blog post on BOYS OVER FLOWERS EPISODE 21 « EVERYTHING ASIANHere’s a brief overviewMeanwhile, Jaekyung asks Jandi for help on deciding between dresses. And Jaekyung doesn’t let Jandi just say “they’re all pretty”. She calls Jandi her “bff” and says bff’s need to be blunt and honest… WTF JAEKYUNG, WHEN DID JANDI EVER … […]

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hi kim bum i want to see u in philippines and all f4 members especially you;’,saranghe

Comment by kaye marie gaudan

cant wait to see these episodes..

Comment by george

can someone tell me the title of the background music in this scene? :S

Comment by peccatore

oh man! so cool. but i really felt pity for Jae Kyung. Huhu. She’s a cool girl really. SIGH. I felt pity for Ji Hoo too. I wished that Jan Di has consideration for Ji Hoo’s feelings. besides! it was Ji Hoo whom she liked from the start! Not Jun Pyo! Argh. i hate dramas like this, Always, leaving behind the one-sided love of the person. it’s so sad.:'( One-sided love. It really hurts. 😥 but i still like BOF>

Comment by jadey19

i think its better if it was not Koo Hye sun. i don’t like her. HAHAHA. They don’t have chemistry. :))

Comment by jadey19

uh willy nily I always support JUN PYO and GEUM JAN DI!!!!!don’t concidere the WITCH…OK never give up

Comment by the mommy

i love jae kyung,

very very unique..

Comment by YHNN

hello! poh? plsss……………. add me

Comment by gina

i LOVE your comments (:

Comment by kpopLOVE

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