BOYS OVER FLOWERS OST II FULL (individual + full download links)


Tracklist (click song titles for Mediafire download links):

01 Say Yes – T-Max
02 With Ur My Love (With J) – T-Max
03 아쉬운 마음인걸 – A’st1
04 애인만들기 – SS501
05 어떡하죠 – 지선 (Jisun)
06 Love Is Fire – Kara
07 Love U – HowL
08 사랑같은 거 – Brand New Day
09 눈물이 난다 – 이상곤 (Lee Sang Gon)
10 Cellogic (Cello By 김영민)
11 다가가다 (Violin By 동요)
12 낯선 해
13 사랑을 위하여

Full download (Mediafire)

Please credit if taking out the download links =) Thanks!

I’ll post download links for individual songs later =) For the instrumentals (tracks 10-13), please download the full album (sorry ^^) I’ll just post the download links~~



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thank you 😀

Comment by maecruz42

Thanks a lot^^

Comment by Jae

for song number 12 and 13 are they the instrumental too?

Comment by Saliza

yeah. i’ll post the download links

Comment by soshee

thank you…super love it

Comment by lyka

why the ast’1 is not working?

Comment by lyka

the link’s working for me
but if it’s still not working, comment again and i’ll post the megaupload link

Comment by soshee


Comment by ayay

OMG thanks so much 🙂

Comment by Pang Vang

thank you!! i hope they release hyunjoong’s version of because i’m stupid soon =]

Comment by michy

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ive been looking for their songs!!

Comment by lin

Thanks a lot for posting! But erm. . .why do some links work and some don’t?

Comment by Shanyya

it might have something to do with mediafire server…
which ones arent working? i’ll try to reupload =)

Comment by soshee


Comment by andrelle

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