EAST OF EDEN FINALE – spoilers*****

*** spoilers ahead.

So… the ending. Dongchul dies. The worst ending I could’ve imagined. After all the fighting, death, misery, and suffering Dongchul had to go through… he had to die… and didn’t even see his son and his family reunited. The ending really ruined the drama for me. I did cry a lot at DC’s sacrifice and maybe that was the effect the PD was going for but I was seriously hoping for a happy ending. Unlike those kdramas about terminal illnesses when someone who doesn’t deserve to die ends up dying, this drama is about the battle between good and evil. These dramas deserve a HAPPY ENDING where the good guys live and the evil guys die; what everyone deserves. This ending is just cruel; out of every single character on this show, and there are A TON, DC was the one who deserved to die THE LEAST. And yet… he died.

The happy family that DC sees from heaven… is I don’t know… a dream maybe. It would be totally unsatisfactory if it was a dream b/c viewers did not get to see the effect of his death on EVERYONE. If it wasn’t a dream, and this was the effect of DC’s death… WHAT THE HELL?? It’s totally unbelievable. He was the core of the family and especially to Youngran and DC’s mom, his death would not call for some sort of celebration that we see. It is IMPOSSIBLE that they got over his death so quickly.
The whole orangey/heavenlike background… it seemed like I was watching a amateur production… it was so unrealistic. The death of Guk Daehwa was done so beautifully and yet, DC’s death and “afterlife” was treated like this…
Also, I’m still mad at DW though the ending was obviously trying to make viewers see his change back to the “good” person he was before but I just can’t help blaming him for DC’s death…

I’m seriously hoping that there’s another episode that’ll be like DC waking up from a coma or something. And his whole death, family gathering, etc. will all be in his dream. LOL.

If anyone was looking for the youtube link to this HORRIBLY BAD ENDING, here it is.
I’m not even embedding it b/c I’m so annoyed.


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I like your comments, I totally agree with all of it. this was the first movie/TV show/anything that made me cry in a long time, and not hte meaningful kind…the OMGWTFTHATSDEVASTATING kind

Comment by mrs. kim

it’s a very bad drama that i have seen it !!! oh my god ….i lost my time a lot to watch this drama and the END made me mad and disappoint a lot !!!!!

Comment by LoveKoreanDrama

The writer is very bad ,already the love about DC and YR take a lot of time to be happy , he ‘s just made 1 épis.(episode55) for them and the last DC die instead of DW !!! he’s crazy !!!he must make DW DIE ……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and NOT DC !!!!!!!!!!!!I hate you !!!!

Comment by LoveKoreanDrama

Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
See you!
Your, Raiul Baztepo

Comment by RaiulBaztepo

I just finished watching it.. Why do korean dramas have to end like that, making us crying million tears.. Dont we deserve to see the happy ending that we longed for 56 episodes????????????????????

Comment by esra

Super Spoiler Alert!
Actor, Yeon Jung Hoon, who was in “Sad Love Song”(super spoiler alert for that series too!) survives because in both shows, his best friend(in Sad Love Song)/brother(of sorts) in East of Eden, take a bullet intended for him, just hours after the Best friend/brother, consumed a long standing love relationship, and fathered a child that they wound up never seeing. I wonder if Yeon Jung Hoon objected, something along the lines of “not again!”

Comment by bigh

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