hehe. This is such a funny screepcap.

Really fun episode overall. Filled with nice and awkward moments.
One awkward moment was the Yijung/Woobin scene. I mean, are the producers that desperate to get in some Woobin scenes?? Well… they could’ve done a better job at blending it in. It was just so awkward and I was just like… um so what exactly was the point of that except to let Kim Joon have more screen time??
Some caps for that scene:
(sorry for the bad screencapping… I’m not very proficient at screencaps)

That was just such an awkward scene. I was expecting them to kiss or something. And Kimbum’s acting is a little over the top… I think it’s b/c he’s still acting like he did in East of Eden. NOT THAT MUCH EMOTION IS NEEDED HERE.

There were some nice Jaekyung/Junpyo scenes. Jaekyung is starting to grow on me. I know I hated her in the beginning but she bugs me a lot less than the fiancees in the other versions. But I’m really missing Jun-di
Anyways, Jae/Jun screencaps:

And there was a bit more Jundi in this episode which made me soooooo happy.

Junpyo sleeping with the doll Jandi gave him is sooo cute!!

AND of course, he moves in next to her. I just love this man.


AND ALSO. GAEUL FINALLY ASKED YIJUNG OUT. and he rejected. I wanted to kill him.

But then he got angry so I guess he felt bad about rejecting her. I forgive him now =)

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