Before anything, I’m a HUGE FAN of Super Junior but I’m not one of those fans who think everything their idol group does is amazing.

Now I love the song Sorry Sorry. A LOT. And I don’t have a problem with the really techno thing they’re doing.
But I do have a problem with these pictures. I’ve seen people already spazzing over them but here’s my take. I’m not sure exactly what image Super Junior is now… I mean… what are they trying to do? Be retro? This whole hair slicked back thing reminds me so much of Wonder Girls’ Nobody (and you know how GDragon sometimes slicks his hair back… lol). And their outfits really bother me.
Their faces… I can’t really see. But their hair (!!!!!!)
1. what’s up with heechul covering his entire face with his hair???
2. the slicked back hair of sungmin, kangin, and hankyung just… omg
3. THE HATS?? …
4. shiwons hair is just so badly cut and styled
BUT BUT BUT there is one member whose new look I love. SHINDONG!!!! Wow he lost a lot of weight and he looks good!!!

Anyways, I’m a bit disappointed in these new pictures… I WANT MY OLD SUPER JUNIOR BACK but with Sorry Sorry as the title song haha. It’s a really catchy song.



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Don’t worry. I’m screaming with you here. (Well. Perhaps you’re not screaming, but I am. :D)

I don’t mind how they change appearance. I just hope they’re still the people I love before.

Comment by Chunja

Huhuhu…they are MORE and MORE handsome and mature than before….*nosebleed*+_+

Comment by Choi Ji_won

I dayyif you live in AUS:p
yeahs mann soo hot

looking forward seeing myyy lovelyy siwon againnn Xx

be healthyyyy

Comment by sujuluvxox

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