SNSD 090301 SBS Inkigayo – Dear Mom

Great performance!!! Even though I’m not the biggest fan of my mom (we don’t go a day without arguing), this performance made me cry, especially Taeyeon who was noticeably emotional in the beginning. I also thought about Tiffany who lost her mom when she was young and I was so proud that Tiffany was able to sing this song without crying. Also, why didn’t Yoona have a message for her mom? Maybe… she was too busy… I don’t know.
The people at Allkpop translated the messages the girls wrote to their moms.

Anyways great performance. And the girls performed Dear Mom again at this concert that I don’t know the name of. It’s vocally a better performance because they held back their emotions more but the Inkigayo performance was better overall (I loved the photos in the background)

The performance starts at around 3:30

And a Girls Generation and Gee performance.

The performance starts at around 4:45. It’s nice to see them perform Girls Generation again. If I’m not mistaken… Tiffany is dancing in this one? Maybe it was prerecorded before she hurt her leg.



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“yoona’s parents divorced when she was little i think that’s why there isn’t a picture of them together….cause she doesn’t have one.

from what i heard they had to do many takes of this song (3) because some of the girls started crying
taeyeon cried two takes
tiffany cried one take
and sooyoung cried”

Comment by estefanny

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